How do I use pomade?

Hoe gebruik ik pomade?

Pomade is the most popular product that men use to style their hair. Unfortunately, we often see and hear that men go wrong with the use of their pomade, so they can't get the most out of it. You apply a pomade differently than a wax , clay or gel . It is therefore important to master how exactly you can get started with a pomade. That is why we have put the ins and outs on paper for you. Let's go then.

Choose the right pomade

Okay: which pomade to use.. It starts with browsing the online shelves. You end up in a maze of different pomades that all make beautiful promises. How in f * cks sake can there be a choice? Well, it all starts with a piece of knowledge. Find out in advance which pomade is best for your hair type. You can choose pomade for long hair, medium hair or short hair. Also choose whether you want to go for a matte or glossy finish. You also have to think about whether you want to go for a water-based pomade or an oil-based pomade . When you use an oil-based pomade, you have to take into account that it will be a lot more difficult to wash out of your hair.

The better the product fits your preferences, the more satisfied you will be with your pomade. Are you not quite sure? Then you have a bunch of pomade-loving internet friends who are happy to help you with that! (I'm talking about us, the Alpha team, in case the hint isn't clear).

Applying pomade

You have the right pomade for hair at home, read many good reviews and then it's really time for the baptism of fire. You can get started yourself. But, how do I apply a pomade correctly? To make it as easy as possible for you, we have set up some steps for this.

Step 1: Take care of towel-dried hair

When your hair is towel-dried, the pomade will be able to do its job better for your hair. When it is too wet you get a kind of wet look, which is also good of course, but then you have to consciously choose that. If your hair is towel-dried, it will be easier to style and will stay the way you want it for longer.

Step 2: Warm up and distribute the pomade in your hands

And now the step where many men go wrong. A pomade is not a wax. It's not like you grab a lick of pomade with your fingers and smear it directly into your hair. No, you apply it with your palms. Therefore grab a lick of pomade (not too much!), put this on your palms and then rub them together. You need to do this so that the pomade heats up from the friction between your palms. In addition, it is also ideal for the distribution of the pomade in your hair.

Step 3: Applying pomade to your hair

Never start at the front. It works best if you work it in from the sides. When you start at the front you will get the most product here and it will show. Always start at your scalp and work it down your hair. Actually, it can be applied as if you were washing your hair with shampoo , start at the crown and work towards the front. And of course don't forget to include your backside in this process!

Step 4: Styling your hairstyle with a comb

Man claws are not subtle and the outcome of styling with your hands will not be subtle either. If you want to go for a slightly more subtle look, we recommend combing your hair with a comb . Your look immediately becomes a lot more refined.

Washing out a pomade

Is washing out a pomade easy? Well, this completely depends on whether you have opted for a water-based pomade or an oil-based pomade. A water-based pomade can be washed out of your hair without difficulty, because you simply do this with warm water (and often a little shampoo). If you want to wash a solid oil-based pomade out of your hair, you have to come up with some coarser guns. Special products have been developed for pomade or oil base that make this easier, such as a clarifying shampoo or scrub shampoo . If you want to wash it out with a normal shampoo, you have to take at least 2x shampoo and scrub your scalp and hair well.

Would you like to buy a pomade? Or do you have any questions about applying pomade? Do you need advice? In all cases, feel free to contact us. That's what we're here for, you're happy - we're happy. You know where to find us!

Your friends, The Alpha Men