Reuzel's blue pomade in the spotlight

De blauwe pomade van Reuzel in de spotlights

Why should we put the blue lard in the spotlight? Does the now legendary product need it? No. Does lard deserve it? Absolute! Reuzel is not just a Dutch product, just like Schorem is not just a local barber shop. Did you know that the lard pomade became a hype before the product itself even existed? Dive into the origin of Reuzel pomade and the popularity of the blue Reuzel.

Originated from Reuzel pomade

Of course we all know the story of the barber shop Schorem and how it came about. Thanks to Schorem, the barber trade has exploded again in the Netherlands. If you happen to not know the story, you can also read this blog about Schorem.

Even before the Reuzel pomades existed, Schorem was a big hype in the Netherlands and abroad. Leen and Bertus, the founders of Schorem and Reuzel, wanted to make their own product that was perfect for the 20 haircuts that you can have cut at Schorem's shop. However, the wishes were so specific that the manufacturers could not produce it for Leen and Bertus. Lots of shine but not too much shine, a can that can dent but remains resealable. They decided to try it themselves in their own kitchen. That was not a success. Apart from a big mess and a green-colored haircut while testing the home-made concoction, they achieved no results.

Blue Reuzel pomades

Another problem was that the word about Schorem's own pomade had already spread far and wide and questions about the Reuzel were popping up everywhere. Everyone was eager to try that rugged can with a dirty pig on it. The solution came when Leen and Bertus received a call from David Raccuglia, photographer and founder of American Crew , who wanted to take pictures of their business. David Raccuglia managed to make a product that met their wishes. He just thought it wasn't smart to use the name lard and the dirty pig on the can. Lard is difficult to pronounce internationally and a dirty pig on a tin would not be a good marketing concept.

The stubbornness and determination of Leen and Bertus is the key to their success because they chose the name Reuzel anyway and as everyone knows, the dirty pig is just on the cans. It makes the product different and more interesting than other pomades. Products are popping up everywhere. It has now become a multi-million dollar company and more and more products are being added to Reuzel's range.

Blue Lard

The success of the blue Reuzel

The blue Reuzel, or rather Reuzel Blue, is Reuzel's best-selling product, but it is still relatively young. When Reuzel pomade just came on the market, there were only the red and green lard. The red one is a water-based pomade and gives a lot of shine and a medium hold. The green variant does almost the same but on an oil basis.

The red Reuzel immediately sold the best because people were looking for a pomade that is easy to wash out of the hair but does what it should do. Water-based pomades are therefore extremely popular worldwide.

Blue lard packaging

The red Reuzel only lacks the hold you need for somewhat higher hairstyles that are worn a lot. Schorem therefore had an extra water-based product developed that has a strong hold but also gives enough shine. That product has become the blue lard. From the launch, this became Reuzel 's best-selling product in no time and almost every barbershop has it on the shelves.

Your hair does not sink in during the day and you wash it out with a little water. The scent is also pleasant, reminiscent of a cologne with shades of wood and vanilla. You can hardly go wrong with the blue lard. It is the best all-rounder of the entire range and therefore probably the most popular.

Also in the top lists, the blue lard often appears next to products from Suavecito , Layrite and American Crew . These are brands that are praised for their water-based pomade. The men of schorem only want the best because of their love for the profession. Even a manufacturer who couldn't make their product didn't stop their idea for a good pomade. The blue lard is the icing on the cake.

Try the Reuzel Blue Strong Hold for yourself.