The best haircuts for men with inlets

De beste kapsels voor mannen met inhammen

Inlets, thinning hair, a receding hairline. For many men, this feels like a problem. As a negative influence on your self-confidence. However, you do not have to book a plane ticket to Alanya right away for a hair transplant. A little knowledge and skill on this subject will take you a long way. David Beckham, Jude Law, Daniel Craig and John Travolta: they all have in common that they have lost some wild hair over time. But, they still rock their hairstyle, so you can too. How? We will explain that to you.

How do coves form and how do you prevent them?

Before we give you some examples and tips, it is time to dive into the theory first. That beautiful full haircut that you see in photos from high school seems to have slowly said goodbye to you. And that without you really realizing it. But how do coves actually form?

Having or getting coves can have several reasons. One man is born with it, for another it can be more a result of his lifestyle. Because yes, you can certainly influence it yourself.

Avoid stress

The number one of actually all issues also comes into play here. Stress is unhealthy, even less healthy than that hot bami disc on a Friday night. Stress causes the production of cortisol (a stress hormone) and an abundance of adrenaline. Because the blood circulation of your scalp is not so good, adrenaline can start to accumulate in your sebaceous glands. This causes lactic acid to accumulate and that is a killer for hair growth. Extra reason not to stress yourself too much and sometimes take a deep breath.

Healthier life

We can't avoid it. Healthy living just makes for a healthier look. That applies to bags under the eyes, your skin, your body fat, and therefore also your hairline. Nutrients, vitamins, minerals and daylight are important for the production of your hair. A combination of healthy eating, being outdoors, moving and being happy is therefore the dream scenario of the man with the cove.

Iron deficiency

Of those nutrients we just talked about, iron is perhaps the most important for your hair. Iron is often the cause of hair loss. You can always supplement this by, for example, eating a lot of meat or taking extra iron supplements. Don't just take something and have your blood checked at the doctor's office.

Hair products

Many men don't really think about it, but do you have the right hair products in your bathroom cabinet? Chemicals in your hair products are absorbed directly through your scalp. Parabens, Sulfates, SLS. This will not make your scalp happy and will therefore not promote your hair growth.

Wet styling products are not your best friend either. They make your thinning hair look even thinner and make your scalp visible. Choose matte hair products such as a clay or a paste and pay attention to the ingredients.

Different hairstyles for men with coves

Having (or getting) coves is considered drama by many men. And we get you, but it's not the end of the world. Some hairstyles even look better on men with coves. But what is the best hairstyle for masking inlets? We have listed them for you.



One of the most stylish ways to hide your coves. The pompadour is old school, stylish and retro. The hairstyle takes a bit of time, but once you get the hang of it, you will see that it really is a miracle hairstyle for your coves.

shaved side parting

Shaved side parting

Shave your parting and wear the rest of your hair to one side. One inlet becomes invisible anyway, and the other you have shaved in a side parting. Visually, this will also be less noticeable.

her forward

Hair forward

Comb your hair forward. Nowadays you can see more and more on the street and that is for a reason. Combing your hair forward hides your inlets because the back hair falls over it. Shorten the sides or shave it up and you just walk around with a good haircut.

messy haircut


Messy or "I'm about to get up so it's messy, right?" is a different look. Messy is a casual way of styling your hair. This can be done with different lengths of hair. Even easier with slightly longer hair. Your hair is then fuller and so you can style it in a way that your inlets are not visible. Only takes a minute of your time in the morning. You can also choose to only style your hair on top of messy and shave the rest. Oh and a nice extra: messy is a favorite look among many women. You're welcome.

Other options

There are plenty of hairstyles to choose from, but of course there are also other options to get rid of your inlets. So of course you have the most radical (and expensive) option and that is hair transplantation. This involves investigating the exact reason for your hair loss or rapidly growing inlets. A drastic, expensive solution. So always think long and hard about this.

Another solution is less drastic. For example, nowadays there are different types of anti-hair loss products such as Hair Building Fibers . These hair fibers consist of keratin from human hair and therefore attach themselves to your remaining hair. Looks natural and makes your hair look fuller.

Last but not least: bald. No joke. Many men don't want to think about it, but bald doesn't equal old or ugly. Jason Statham, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Vin Diesel. Macho men who don't have to worry about their coves anymore. We would say: try before you die. Who knows, it might look great on you.

If you still have questions? We are here for you and all your questions. Don't be a stranger, contact us. You know where to find us!

Good luck!

Your friends, The Alpha Men