Why beard care is important

Waarom baardverzorging belangrijk is

We regularly come across men who have grown a beard for the first time and are disappointed with the care that comes with it. Many men think that when they finally grow a beard and no longer have to shave that they can let it go. Unfortunately that is disappointing. A beard really needs to be taken care of. Fortunately, that care doesn't have to be that difficult.

How is it possible that the beard needs that care? It is not only the beard that needs care, but also the skin under that beard. He has to endure quite a bit. We are happy to explain how it works.

What happens without beard care

The beard gets dirty

When a beard is not cleaned, all bacteria accumulate. All dead skin cells remain in the beard. It is therefore important to wash the beard with a beard shampoo . Do not use normal shampoo . This contains chemicals that will wash the oils and fats from the beard hair, leaving you with a dry beard. A beard shampoo contains natural ingredients that are kind to the beard hairs. Use a beard conditioner occasionally to restore the hair after cleaning.

The beard and skin dry out

The skin under the beard dries out without moisturizing care. Even if you regularly clean the beard, the beard needs extra hydration. If you don't do anything about beard care, all essential oils from the skin go to the beard hairs to nourish the hairs, causing your skin to dry out. You get flakes and the skin starts to itch. Eventually, the beard hairs will also become dried out. For this it is important to use a beard oil . A beard oil contains the right oils and fats that can nourish the skin and beard. The beard hairs get more volume and become softer, resulting in a nicer beard that also smells nice.

The beard grows wild and ugly

Of course you want a beautiful full beard that looks well-groomed. This is not possible without the above care. When the beard dries out, the hairs become unmanageable and stand in all directions. With the use of a beard oil, the beard hairs are soft and full. It will look a lot better right away. It is also recommended to comb the beard once every day. This way you remove tangles and the beard will not get messy. The beard can also air better, which is good for hygiene and hydration.

Finally, use a beard balm or beard wax to keep your beard in shape. These products give your beard a light hold but also contain nourishing ingredients.

beard care is important

A regular routine to take care of your beard.

The easiest way to take care of your beard is to follow a regular routine. If you have the right products at home, it's not that much work at all. A routine that we use at The Alpha Men is the clean/feed/control routine. A routine that can be applied by every man and covers all the aforementioned points. We explain to him.


Wash your beard with water every morning and use a beard shampoo or beard soap about 2-3 times a week. Use a beard conditioner for extra dry hair. With changing seasons when your skin does get dry, you can exfoliate the skin under the beard. This is an extra cleaning similar to scrubbing where the dead skin cells are removed and the nourishing products can be better absorbed. You have special pasta for this. Always make sure your beard dries well after washing. It is important that this is done carefully. Gently with a towel or with a hair dryer on a mild setting.


Use a beard oil three times a week. Less often or more often when this is more comfortable for you. Not every beard needs the same amount. You can do this after washing when your beard is dry. Use a beard oil that consists of natural ingredients.


Use a beard balm or wax in addition to the beard oil to keep the beard in shape or to ensure that your beard does not get wild. Comb the beard once during the day to air the beard and prevent the hair from getting out of shape and getting tangled.

This routine is a good starting point if you're new to beard grooming. Experience it and adjust the frequency where necessary until you have found your optimal care.