Finish your beard care with beard scissors

Maak je baardverzorging af met een baardschaar

You take care of your beard as best you can. You use a beard oil , brush occasionally with a special beard brush and clean the beard neatly with beard shampoo . Trimming occasionally to keep the beard in the right model, comb through it and you're done! Yet something is missing. You don't have that perfectly streamlined beard yet. There are always some hairs sticking out or the beard doesn't go exactly in the direction you want. The finishing touch is still missing, and you need beard scissors for that.

Why scissors for your beard?

A beard trimmer can be very useful for styling. But those loose, small hairs are often very annoying and unbalance your model. You can not only trim your beard with beard scissors, but also keep it in shape. So you immediately kill two birds with one stone. After all, with the small scissors you can easily cut off hairs that do not fall as desired. With a pair of scissors in your grooming range, you ensure a beard and/or mustache in excellent condition.

The benefits of trimming with beard scissors.

There are many benefits to trimming your beard with scissors. The most important thing is undoubtedly good beard care that ensures a great looking specimen. Trimming your mustache is also child's play in this way. In addition, the scissors have the great advantage that they maintain the natural growth cycle by cutting the hair instead of pulling it. Many scissors are also equipped with a handy thumb rest, which gives you excellent grip and allows you to work with even more precision. The scissors are very small, so easy to take with you everywhere. After all, quickly removing those excess hair ensures that your beard stays in shape longer and you have to have it trimmed or cut less often at the barber.

beard trimming with scissors

This is how you use the beard scissors correctly!

To enjoy an optimal result, it is very important to use the scissors correctly. So make sure you wash your beard before touching it up (preferably with a beard shampoo). The hairs are then a lot smoother and can be processed much better. Then make sure that the beard is dry before you get started. Comb the beard neatly. When you comb against the direction of the hair, you can immediately see which hairs stand out and where extra care is needed. Then trim off the excess hairs and comb through the beard again to check that everything is to your liking. Finally, you can provide your beard with an extra moisturizing beard oil.

Buy beard scissors? You should pay attention to this!

After reading this article, are you completely convinced that your beard can also use scissors? The offer is endless and you may not immediately know where you will find the best choice. That is why we give you a few tips to ensure that you easily purchase the right scissors. You can find beard scissors in both plastic and metal versions. Opt for a metal one for a better grip. Still plastic? Be sure to check whether the scissors are anti-static.

Product advice beard and mustache scissors

in our range there are a number of scissors that stand out for us. This has to do with the quality of the scissors themselves and the ease of use. You don't want to fiddle with scissors, but you want to be able to cut the hairs in one go. Below are our best rated beard and mustache scissors.

Muhle Beard and mustache scissors

trim beard

These beautiful scissors from Muhle are specially designed for manual trimming of your beard, mustache, ear and nose hair. So you can use it for multiple purposes. The scissors feel very solid and are completely made of stainless steel. What we like about these scissors are the rounded tips, so you never hurt yourself or accidentally hurt yourself. So you don't have to be so overly careful.

Dovo Mustache and beard scissors

buy beard scissors

Also a very solid scissors made of stainless steel. We find this pair of scissors comfortable to hold. You have extra control through the finger rest at the back. The best thing about these scissors are the slightly serrated blades. As a result, the hairs do not slide off the blade and you do not miss a single hair. It doesn't get any easier!

Solomon's Beard Mustache Scissors

grooming beard A special mustache scissors that are very sturdy. It also comes in a very nice packaging. The most beautiful scissors to give someone a gift. the scissors have no sharp points so you can cut your mustache extra safely.

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