How to best care for your stubble beard

Hoe jij het beste je stoppelbaard kan verzorgen

The short beard or stubble beard is the most popular beard length among men. Even in the office you can get away with it these days. But unlike the somewhat longer beard, there are few men who know how to take care of the short beard. It is therefore one of the most frequently asked questions at The Alpha Men.

Beard care is important. So even the short beard must be well cared for. Short or long, it's still a beard. If you don't take good care of the short beard, you will suffer from irritation even faster than with a long beard. Read below what care your stubble needs and which products you can best use for this.

Taking care of the stubble beard

For your skin, a number of things change when you grow a beard. First, more dirt ends up on your skin and in your hair. Your skin also works extra hard to keep the beard hairs healthy. Your skin will therefore also renew itself more often. If you do nothing about this, you will get dry dirty skin and also dry beard hairs that will cause a lot of irritation and itching. Especially with a short stubble beard you will suffer a lot from this because the short hairs come against the skin.

To take care of your stubble, you can implement a number of routines to keep your beard and underlying skin in the right condition. You can use a number of products for this.

Beard shampoo for stubble beards

Washing the beard with beard shampoo

Hygiene is certainly something to watch out for with a beard. With a stubble beard, it is best to wash your beard two to three times a week with a beard shampoo . This is a special shampoo that is mild and cleansing for the beard. Use only a little beard shampoo and gently go through your beard. Your skin and beard hairs are sensitive. And your beard should eventually stay on it.

best beard oil for short beard

Grooming the short beard with beard oil

Many men think that a beard oil is only suitable for the longer beard. This is absolutely not true. You may need a little less. A good beard oil nourishes the beard hairs and underlying skin and ensures that the beard is healthy and soft. Especially when you just let a stubble grow out, it can be very itchy. A beard oil can also help with this. And for the men who would like to let the beard grow longer, beard oil naturally also promotes better beard growth. Healthy hair is better growth. In addition, your stubble will simply look better and you will also smell nice.

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