Trimming, shaving and maintaining the goatee

Het trimmen, scheren en bijhouden van de Sik

The goatee, the goatee, the beard for the badasses among us. The goatee is a typical masculine look and will make your face look longer. This pointed beard was first worn in ancient Greece and is inspired by the god of shepherds, called Pan. Time to evoke the Greek god within you by letting go of the goatee. Then we tell you how to leave it, how to trim and keep it up to date. Let's go.

Leaving a goatee

It all starts with considering the men's goatee. This beard style is especially suitable for men with a small, short or rounder face. Fortunately, the goatee often looks good on men, regardless of your face shape. The goatee will stand out more if it is a different color than the color of your skin.

Once you've decided that the goatee is going to be your new look, think about how you want to style your goatee. For example, you can go for the loose beard goatee, but you also have a goatee with mustache, this is also called the Van Dyck. If you want a goatee with a mustache attached to the goatee, this is called a ring beard. Do you want a goatee with a beard that runs pointy in combination with a mustache with pointy ends? This is called the musketeer mustache. So immerse yourself in different goatee with beard options!

How to trim and shave a goatee

Like any good trim or shave, you start with a good preparation. Know what you want to do and know which steps to go through. So read carefully and make sure you have the right attributes at home, such as a good trimmer or hair clipper that is suitable for your beard. Also get a good razor with, for example, a good shaving soap or shaving cream.

Step 1: Start trimming

Choose a trimmer with a fixed comb. Start by trimming your mustache to about 3 to 5 millimeters in length. This will make your goatee easier to trim later on.

Step 2: Shave the outline of your goatee

Now start at your neck by shaving small pieces around your goatee. Work well around your chin and jaws until you find the right shape for your goatee. Always shave wider than you think in advance, that way you keep a good overview and you don't accidentally shave off too much. Of course you always shave with accompanying products such as shaving gel!

Tip from us: smile every now and then. Follow the lines of your mouth and shave your goatee roughly the same width. And to be fair, it makes your grooming a lot happier too.

Step 3: Choose your desired length

You already get it, you're almost done. Now take a critical look at your goatee and ask yourself if this is the length you are looking for. Too long? Then trim the length with a length attachment. Shortage? Grow that goatee.

Step 4: Dotting the i

Okay, your goatee is standing! But to finish the whole thing off, you have to take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Do you still see unwanted hair on your cheeks or on your neck? Get that gang out. Then it's time to do a double check to see if your goatee is really symmetrical. If not, trim off a little on one side.

After trimming and shaving, don't forget to take good care of your face. Apply a nice aftershave balm or aftershave splash to restore your face.

How to keep up with a goatee

You have the perfect men's goatee on your face and all other hairs are perfectly trimmed. Great, but unfortunately hair also grows back quickly. So it's a matter of keeping track! Make sure that no wild hairs grow in all directions, that is clearly visible in men with goatees.

Remember the length you trimmed your goatee and trim your goatee every other day. Don't forget to always trim in motions that run off your goatee! Otherwise you accidentally shoot out and nobody wants that. Keep the rest of your face clean shaven. You know best how often you have to do this, one goes faster than the other.

Also, don't forget to take good care of your goatee. Wash it regularly with a beard shampoo and beard conditioner to clear away dirt and prevent subcutaneous breakouts. For extra care, we always recommend using a good beard oil or beard balm.

Is it already itching to join the goatee crew like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp? At least with us. If you have any questions about the goatee or matching products, please feel free to contact us. We are happy when you are happy.