Henriquatre: how do you shave a ring beard?

Henriquatre: hoe scheer je een ringbaard?

You may know the Henriquatre better as the royal ring beard, the round-the-mouth beard or the playful "Will Smith beard". The king of all beard styles is seen as playful and sexy, but also chic and smart. But, what exactly does such a ring beard look like and even better, how do you get such a Henriquatre? We will of course go into that in more detail today.

What is a Henriquatre?

The Henriquatre is named after the beard of the French King Henry IV. This king not only became known for his religious war or the construction of castles, but also for his (then) unique beard. Let's just say this is why people remember him positively.

A Henriquatre is a generous ring beard. Compared to other beards, you can recognize the ring beard by the fact that this royal beard goes completely around the mouth. Your cheeks are shaved clean, so the beard stands out even better. The mustache in this beard style is characterized by a thin line that connects directly to the mustache. Do you want a Henriquatre? Then make sure you have clear contours, a clean-shaven face around the beard and a symmetrical shape on both sides.

This beard style is especially suitable for men with a square face, a wide face or a face with many contours. If you have a round or full face, this royal beard may not look as good on you. But feel free to try it out just so you know for sure! The good thing about a beard is that it can grow back.

How do you get a generous ring beard?

The royal beard has a fan base of many masculine men. Think of Will Smith, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, to name a few. How to make a ring beard is a chore but certainly not impossible. A Henriquatre does take some time and requires some knowledge. But, then of course you also have something. You must at least go through the following steps.

Grow ring beard

It always starts with leaving your growing beard alone. You shouldn't shave or trim your beard for the first few weeks, but do trim your upper lip so as not to look like a full caveman. You can stimulate your hair growth by using a good beard serum .

Trim ring beard

When your hair is long enough, it's time to style your ring beard. Start trimming your ring beard with a trimmer that is suitable for beards. Place an attachment on your trimmer from 3 to 5 cm, this is the correct length for a ring beard.

Ring beard shaping

When all the hairs are the same length, it's time to shape your ring beard. How to shave a ring beard is to shave your cheeks smooth. Take a good look at the symmetry of your shaped ring beard and shave away all hair around it. When these hairs are gone, you already roughly have a ring beard. Now it's time to shape it to perfection.

Bring your beard in a slightly rounded shape from around your mouth to under your chin. Tip from us, just grab an example photo. That way you know exactly what it should look like. Also don't forget to trim the hairs of your mustache so that it flows perfectly into your beard. There should be no distinction between your mustache and beard, it should become one beautiful whole.

Take care of your ring beard

Congrats on your ring beard! If you like this look, it is of course important to keep it up. King Henry IV simply had subjects for this, but unfortunately you will (probably) have to do it yourself. Of course you have to trim your beard every so often, but it is just as important to take good care of your ring beard.

Good care starts with washing. Wash your ring beard about 2 to 3 times a week in the shower with a good beard shampoo or beard soap and a beard conditioner . This will maintain the condition of your beard. When we talk about royal products, the beard oil will be number 1 for us. A beard oil brings countless benefits and will optimally care for your beard. A good beard brush or beard comb cannot be missed in the care process of your beard. As a result, your care products will also be absorbed a lot better! Your ring beard will shine like never before.

We hope that you will try the royal Henriquatre beard at least once in your life. It will probably surprise you in a positive way! If you still have questions about this generous ring beard, please do not hesitate to contact us. You know where to find us.