Co-washing: All about the co-wash method for your beard

Co-washing: Alles over de co-wash methode voor je baard

To all our bearded friends: take notes. You may have heard the term "co-washing" in the beard and hair industry. For many people this is still an unknown concept. It's time to change that, as the co-wash method is on the rise.

What is the co-wash method?

If you are quick in making links, you may already have it figured out. Co-wash means washing your hair or beard with conditioner only. So you can leave beard soap and beard shampoo in your bathroom cupboard for a while. With co-washing, you only wash your beard with a beard conditioner , which shortens your routine a lot. Whether you want to wash your beard daily, or 1 or 2 times a week. It doesn't matter with the co-wash, because you don't dry out your beard hair with it. This trend is increasingly known among the bearded man, but does not originate there.

The co-wash started with women and men with long hair who noticed that their hair was drying out due to shampoo. The shampoo was banned from the routine, and they went to work with only conditioner. The result was surprising.. a clean, moisturized and hydrated hairstyle. The smart bearded man realized that beard hair is always a bit drier, and therefore started trying out the co-wash on the beard. And guess what? A golden idea.

Does it suit your beard?

Beard hair is always drier than head hair. That's why this method has become so popular among our furry friends. When you talk about scalp hair, it doesn't suit everyone (because of an oily scalp, for example). Beards are less susceptible to this. We dare to say that it is suitable for every beard, and we will explain why.

When you wash your beard with shampoo (which is often full of strong cleansers) or even beard shampoo (with fewer cleansers), you strip away important oils. Over and over, day after day. What do you think that does to the health of your beard? Doesn't get any better. Those oils are important for the health and growth of your beard. Those cleansers we just talked about can hardly be found in a beard conditioner. What are they full of? Healthy products such as argan oil , jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil and other healthy, natural products. Sounds a lot better already.

I hear you thinking. “Should I throw my beard shampoo out the window?” But it's not that black and white. You can wash your beard once or twice a week without any problems. Let's call it balance.

Does the co-washing method suit my lifestyle?

It all sounds ideal. And for the man with a quiet job, who doesn't work with mud, dust, or sweat, this is it too. But what if you do work with it? Suppose you work outside in the dust every day, or you exercise several times a day? Basically it comes down to the following: the co-washing method does not suit you if you often get dirty. Of course you want to wash that dirt out of your beard at the end of the day. So you do this again with a product with more cleaning agents, such as a shampoo or beard shampoo.

The benefits of co-washing

This is therefore a godsend for most bearded men. You can benefit from it on several levels. To make it a little easier for you (that's how we are again), we'll list it for you.

  • You retain the natural oils of your beard
  • Extra beard growth and better beard health
  • You don't need expensive beard products, just a conditioner
  • It saves time, because you can also do the co-wash once a week
  • Nourishing due to ingredients such as argan oil, jojoba oil and shea butter
  • It's easier to detangle your beard
  • You don't dry out your beard
  • It cleans your beard!