Beard balm: the dry beard oil?

Beard balm:  de droge baardolie?

A beard balm has many similarities with a beard oil . Both consist of carrier oils that care for your beard and essential oils with specific properties. By adding beeswax to the beard oil, the beard oil hardens and you get a beard balm. The amount of beeswax added to the beard oil is just enough to harden the beard balm at room temperature.

In addition to the caring and nourishing properties for the skin and hair, a beard balm has another important feature. That's styling your beard and keeping it in shape. The beeswax takes care of that. Because the beeswax does not dry out, it keeps your beard in shape throughout the day and the A jar of Mr Bear Family beard and mustache wax sprouts.

As your beard grows longer, the wave in your beard hairs makes your beard look rougher and coarser, with the result that the hairs stick out in all directions. With the beard balm and a comb you can ensure that your beard looks sleek and well-groomed again. Together with a hair dryer, you can easily ensure that your beard is in the desired shape.

Apply beard balm with your fingertips. Take a small amount of balm on your fingertips and rub it warm. As soon as the balm warms up, it is easier to apply. Now divide the balm over your beard and start with the skin and massage the balm through your hair. The beard balm is also easy to distribute with the use of a beard brush . This way you comb the balm through your hair and immediately style it.

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