5 things you can do against an itchy beard

5 dingen die je kunt doen tegen een jeukende baard

An itchy beard, the most heard complaint and the greatest struggle of the man who would like to make his chin disappear. It's something that every man has to deal with in the beginning. Care of the beard can make a big difference. But often around winter the itch returns. Even with experienced beard wearers.

What should you do if, even with a well-groomed beard, you still suffer from itching? This is a question we regularly get, especially in winter. When the temperatures drop, the beard and the underlying skin have a hard time. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to stop that horrible itch. We promise no razor involved. Have you just started growing your beard? Then read our blog: Tips to grow your beard .

use beard comb

1. Wash your beard properly

You probably already wash your beard. In this cold time your skin needs more nutrition but can also have less. Your beard hairs will also become stiff faster. It is therefore important that you always wash your beard with a beard shampoo . Never with normal soap. This will only further dry out the skin. A beard shampoo often contains more natural ingredients and is generally gentler on the beard.

Always use a beard conditioner after washing. This makes the hair soft again and provides it with the nutrients that you remove with washing. A softer beard is immediately noticeable when you suffer from itching. The itch will immediately be a lot less.

2. Brush your beard

This is perhaps the most skipped act, brushing your beard . In the warmer times of the year you can get away with that, but in winter just washing and feeding is not enough. In the winter, your skin has more dead skin cells. Your skin is constantly renewing. Flakes form faster. Those dead skin cells and flakes make it less easy for nutrients to reach the skin. This results in a stiff beard, dry skin and, above all, a lot of itching.

When you brush the beard, you scrub away the flakes and dead skin cells, as it were. You ensure that the new living skin is fully accessible again. So brushing the beard is really crucial around the cold time of the year.

using beard oil

3. Use a beard oil or beard balm

Now that the dead skin cells are gone, you can apply a beard oil and/or beard balm. Your skin can now fully absorb the nutrients from these care products. There are no more flakes and dead skin cells in the way. Always use a beard oil when your beard is dry. A beard balm is also suitable for styling the beard.

4. Buy a beard comb

Another underrated product. Men often find the beard comb superfluous. Just like they don't use a comb for their hair either. What they don't know is that the beard comb here not only has the function of styling the hair.

The beard oil that you just put in your beard can never be completely distributed through the beard with your hands. A beard comb helps to distribute the oils well to the hair. This way you never have a beard that is half smeared with beard oil.

buy beard comb

5. Keep your hands to yourself

It is tempting to feel your beard with your hands all day long, which you are so proud of. If you suffer from itching, it is better to stop this completely. Try to unlearn it. When you constantly run your hands through your beard, you not only get bacteria in your beard, but the skin under the beard also gets stressed. This results in more itching. It is therefore better to try to keep your hands to yourself as much as possible.

With these tips, your winter should be painless, unless your itching has a completely different cause. Brushing and combing should make the biggest difference. If these tips do not help, you can also call or email us. That is very bearded.