Shear Revival

Shear Revival

Shear Revival is a brand with high-quality hair and care products. It is a brand... read more

Shear Revival is a brand with high-quality hair and care products. It is a brand with knowledge behind it, as it was founded by barbers... read more

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Image of product American Gardens Clay Pomade
Image of product Gray Ghost Cream Pomade
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Shear Revival

Shear Revival is a brand with high-quality hair and care products. It is a brand with knowledge behind it, as it was founded by barbers who have years of experience in this industry. In recent years, Shear Revival has developed and produced a good range of various care products that are well received by consumers.

With their strong work ethic, Shear Revival products are handcrafted in small batches in their own lab to deliver high quality products every time. Shear Revival's goal is to create safe, healthy and nourishing products that are suitable for everyday use and for all ages, races and genders.


The origins of Shear Revival

Shear Revival was born in 2013 in a small kitchen. When one of Shear Revival's founders, Zachary, found out that he wasn't really satisfied with what the grooming market had to offer, he decided to look for a product that would work. A product that has been well developed with health and well-being in mind.

Zachary has worked as a stylist and barber for over a decade and has extensive experience in the personal care industry. Using this knowledge and experience, Zachary started developing his own product. A while later, Shear Revival was born.


Shear Revival products

We're gonna be honest. Virtually all of Shear Revival's products for men are all-time bestsellers. And we get that. The products simply do what they promise and are therefore a trusted brand all over the world.


Shear Revival hair products

The brand is known for the good hair products that they have brought into the world. The Shear Revival pomade is available in different scents and textures and has created worldwide fame. The Shear Revival Gel Pomade, for example, not only keeps your hair in shape, but also nourishes and cares for your scalp. That's why the brand's Shear Revival Younger Days gel pomade is a favorite. Shear Revival also has a particularly fine sea salt spray , paste, shampoo , hair oil, conditioner , volume powder and nourishing hair mask . Try 'em out!


Shear Revival grooming products

The brand offers more than just hair products. For example, from Shear Revival you also have a natural deodorant , all purpose fragrance, leather conditioner, facial balm, soap bar and real scented candle .


Shear Revival American Gardens vs Northern Lights

If we put two bestsellers against each other, we end up with the Shear Revival American Gardens Clay Pomade and the Shear Revival Northern Lights Matte Paste . The American Gardens is a vegan pomade that consists of 99% vegetable ingredients. This pomade is 100% washable and has a wonderful scent. The Northern Lights Paste is the brand's very first product and consists of 98% vegetable ingredients. This high hold and matte finish paste has been a big bestseller of the brand for years. Which is the best? You should really try that yourself.