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Anti-dandruff for men

Suffer from dandruff? That doesn't matter at all. Dandruff is the name of excess skin flaking on the scalp. These are caused by the yeast species Pityrosporon Ovale. These flakes are caused by the scalp constantly renewing itself. So everyone has these flakes. With someone with dandruff, this process only goes a lot faster, so that the excessive flakes will stand out.

A big misconception about dandruff is that getting dandruff is related to poor hygiene. The fact that someone suffers from dandruff basically says nothing about the hygiene of the hair or scalp. That it looks unappetizing is another thing. Fortunately, dandruff is one of the easiest conditions to treat and prevent.

How does dandruff occur?

The cause of the accelerated process of renewing the cells of the scalp can vary. For example, it can be genetically determined, but it can also be related to eczema-like complaints. Seborrheic eczema is caused by a yeast that is naturally present in the skin, you can recognize this form of eczema by flakes on the eyebrows, for example.

Stress can also influence this accelerated process, just like the weather, for example due to differences in temperature and humidity.

Every now and then it can look like you have dandruff because flakes are visible. This is by no means rose in all cases. Flakes can also arise because you have used too many styling products. In that case, the remnants that remain in your hair will cause annoying flakes. Also, not thoroughly rinsing out a shampoo and / or conditioner can cause itching and flakes.

How can you prevent and cure dandruff?

With an anti-dandruff shampoo from the range of our webshop you will quickly get rid of your dandruff. Does it still not work after using the product for a while? try another brand with a slightly different composition. Each dandruff shampoo can differ in terms of ingredients, by varying you can find out which anti-dandruff product works best for your hair.

When you are rid of your dandruff, it is best to wash your hair regularly with a good shampoo that only consists of natural and nourishing ingredients. In addition, try to wear a hat, helmet, cap or beanie as little as possible, this can partly prevent the dandruff from returning.

Which anti-dandruff shampoos can you use?

At The Alpha Men you will find various anti-dandruff shampoos that can help you prevent flaking of the scalp. For example, we sell anti-dandruff products from the Recipe for men, Morris Motley, Acca Kappa, American Crew and Morgan's brands.


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