Proraso Blue

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Proraso Blue

Proraso Blue Protective

In the Proraso Blue product line you will find products that revolve around that extra bit of protection. The Italian brand Proraso believes it is important that there are products that protect and moisturize your skin before, after or during a shave. The Blue collection from Proraso is particularly suitable for men with dry, rough or tight skin. Thanks to a formula including aloe vera and Vitamin E, your skin is cared for and extra hydrated.

Fragrance : A modern, spicy scent of amber and musk.


Shaving products Proraso Blue

To start your shave in the most comfortable way, it is recommended to start with the Proraso Pre Shave Cream Blue . This pre shave is the perfect start to a shave because it makes your beard hair softer. This Proraso Blue pre shave will also put a protective layer on your face so that you are extra protected during shaving.

The Proraso Shaving Cream Blue will not only provide you with a close shave, but also a very hydrated skin. The Proraso Shaving Foam Blue is also ideal to use while shaving, as irritations and dryness will be prevented by various ingredients. Both products are free of parabens, mineral oils and SLS.

To take extra care of your skin after your shave, the Proraso Aftershave Balm Blue is a good option. This creamy balm does not feel greasy and will quickly absorb into your skin to optimally care for and soothe it.


Other product lines from Proraso

In addition to the Proraso Green, the Italian brand has developed even more product lines.

Proraso White - especially for sensitive skin

Proraso Green - the first line, classic and refreshing

Proraso Red - for coarse and wild beard hairs



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