Proraso Azur Lime

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Proraso Azur Lime

Proraso Azur Lime

To make your shaving routine as comfortable as possible, the Italian brand Proraso has developed a line with the wonderful scent Azur Lime. This original fragrance is vibrant and sophisticated. Azur Lime contains intense freshness of lemon and orange enriched with leaves of mint. The addition of juniper introduces a surprisingly creamy richness of musk, wood and patchouli. Your skin will feel intensely refreshed by this scent.


Shaving products Proraso Azur Lime

To make your shaving routine as nice and comfortable as possible, Proraso has developed an entire line in the wonderful scent of Azur Lime.


Proraso Aftershave Balm Azur Lime

After shaving, your skin will be revitalized with this aftershave balm. Your pores will be closed and your skin will be provided with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. This aftershave will cool and relax your skin, resulting in soft skin.


Proraso Beard Balm Azur Lime

Your beard will be softened with this beard balm while your underlying skin is hydrated. This beard balm is light and contains a lotion-like consistency that makes it perfect for young beards. Irritation and itching is prevented.


Proraso Beard Oil Azur Lime

This beard oil will make your beard shiny and smooth. Both your beard and the underlying skin are also hydrated and cared for. Your beard will be put in good condition and will carry a wonderful subtle air of Azur Lime.


Proraso Beard Shampoo Azur Lime

Proraso's beard shampoo will remove dirt and build-up from your beard. In addition, the nourishing ingredients will soften your beard and moisturize the underlying skin. With this beard shampoo you will take care of your beard completely!


Proraso Cologne Azur Lime

It is of course inevitable that this scent would also be available in a delicious eau de cologne . This way you can carry the refined scent of citrus, orange, mint and warm wood with you all day long.


Proraso Pre Shave Cream Azur Lime

Your beard is prepared in the best possible way for every shave with this pre shave cream. Because the beard hairs and underlying skin are well hydrated, the pores will open. This ensures that the shave will go a lot easier. This pre shave is ideal for thicker beards or people with sensitive skin.


Proraso Shaving Cream Azur Lime

Because the formula of this shaving cream is enriched with various essential oils, a rich and thick foam will be created. This thickness protects your skin while the razor will glide over your skin without any problem.


Proraso sets in Azur Lime

To complete your entire shaving routine, Proraso has developed different sets to try out scents as well as to try out a complete set with different products. Guaranteed success!


Proraso Beard Oil Set

This set contains four different beard oils from Proraso, including the Azur Lime. The other three Proraso scents are also included in this set, so you can find out better than anyone which beard oil and which scent best suits you and your preferences.


Proraso Shaving Kit Azur Lime

This shaving kit offers you everything you need during a shave. Because this package is packed in a super cool tin, it is also the ideal gift. This kit contains the Proraso Shaving Cream Azur Lime, the Proraso Pre Shave Cream Azur Lime and the Proraso Aftershave Balm Azur Lime.


Proraso Beard Kit Azur Lime

This beard kit contains the complete collection of beard products in the scent Azur Lime. In this beard set you will find the Proraso Beard Wash Azur Lime, the Proraso Beard Balm Azur Lime and the Beard Oil Azur Lime. All these products will be found in a cool tin designed by Proraso itself. That makes this beard kit a perfect gift to give or receive!



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