Proraso gift set

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Proraso gift set

Proraso Gift set

The ideal gift for the well-groomed man! With a luxury gift set from Proraso you can pamper yourself (or someone else). All Proraso gift set variants come in a different, typical luxury packaging from the authentic Italian brand Proraso.


Proraso gift set for the beard

Proraso knows better than anyone how to take care of your beard. All products consist of 95% natural ingredients that can take care of your beard like no other. Proraso is one of the most famous brands in the barber world for a reason!


Proraso Beard Kit

This beard kit contains the complete Proraso collection in a beautiful vintage gift box. In the beard kit you will find both a beard wash, beard balm and beard oil. The beard kits are available in several scents. Azur Lime is a classic men's fragrance with fresh top notes of mint and citrus fruits. The Cypress & Vetyver contains a slightly sweet, woodsy scent. Refreshing comes from the Original Green line and is a refreshing scent that is created by a combination of rosemary, eucalyptus and bergamot. And last but not least; Wood & Spice . This is a lovely warm classic scent with woody top notes of cinnamon and saffron.


Proraso shaving kit

Proraso has become known for all their luxurious shaving products. That's why it's great that the Italian brand has developed gift sets to make your shaving routine as comfortable as possible.


Proraso Shaving Kit

The shaving kit offers you everything you need for a comfortable shave. In the shaving kit you will find a Proraso shaving cream , a Proraso pre shave and a Proraso after shave . This shaving kit is available in two delicious scents, the Azur Lime and the Cyprus & Vetiver.


Vintage Gift Box

If you want a nice, practical and mega original gift (for yourself or for someone else), this is the one! These gift boxes are packed in a cool vintage tin which gives that little bit of extra luxury. In the Vintage Giftbox from Proraso you will find a Proraso aftershave, Proraso pre shave and a Proraso shaving cream. These boxes are available in different lines: Proraso Red (for thicker, stiff beards), Proraso Green (the original Refreshing Proraso line) and Proraso Sensitive (especially for sensitive skin).



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