Ingrown beard hair

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Ingrown beard hair

How do ingrown hairs occur?

When it comes to ingrown hairs, there are actually two different types. You can divide them into ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Ingrown hair

When shaving, your skin is under a lot of tension. When shaving it can happen that the hairs are pulled, this creates a 'oblique point'. That slanted point can pierce the wall of the hair follicle, blocking the exit. This prevents the hair from coming out and continues to grow below the surface of the skin. The biggest causes of these ingrown hairs are:

  • Shave against hair growth
  • Using a dull razor
  • Too many dead skin cells on your skin

Razor bumps

With razor bumps, the hair grows outwards, but then goes back into the skin. This is common in men with curly hair. These types of ingrown hairs actually have the same causes and solutions.


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