Which product suits your hairstyle

Welk product past bij jouw kapsel

You probably know it, you leave your hairdresser with a perfect haircut and you finally have your hair the way you want it. The next day you want to style your hair again and the look of the day before is impossible to get back. It could mean you're not doing your hair the right way or you're using the wrong product. That is not surprising given the number of different products on the market today. Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. To make it a little easier for you, we will tell you which products you should use for certain hairstyles and what exactly those products do.

If you still use such a large pot of yellow chemical material, it is important to call the clearance service immediately to have it removed from your house. That probably won't get you the haircut you have when you walk out of the salon.

hair product for pompadour


You see the pompadour a lot in recent years. It can be worn in different ways. Sleek, neat and classic or more loose and natural. This hair style is best achieved with a pomade . We recommend awater-based pomade because it is easier to wash out.

Blow-dry your hair after washing and apply the pomade. If you have thick hair, use a pomade with a strong hold. Use a high shine for a lot of shine or a low shine for a more matte effect. If your hair is too thick, apply the pomade in damp hair. You will then be able to style more easily and your hair will shine more. For thinner hair, it is best to blow dry your hair completely and then apply the product. Your hair will then have more volume and the hold will be stronger.

short messy hair

Short and messy

If you want a short, natural and tousled look, use a clay in dry hair. Your hair gets a lot of texture, volume and hold, but still keeps a natural look. Apply the clay in dry hair and knead it for the tousled effect. Nowadays you can see this style with shorter sides and backs with more hair on top. Of course you can also wear it with more covered sides and backs. It's entirely up to you. This style works well for people with wavy hair.

The divorce

Like the Pompadour, the parting is a hugely popular hairstyle that will probably never go away completely. There are two variants. The loose more casual parting with more volume and the classic tight parting. We will cover both.

hair product for side parting

The classic divorce

A hairstyle that is more suitable for people with straight hair. It is best to use a product with a strong hold for this. That can be a pomade or wax . Whichever you like best. While blow-drying, use a comb to comb your hair in the desired direction and get a nice separation. Then apply the pomade or wax and comb if necessary. The classic part often uses a pomade with a lot of shine. You could use either a water-based or an oil-based pomade.

they part casually

The casual divorce

A separation that you often see in men with more hair. That's because hair with waves or curls goes its own way and it is often not nice to comb it tightly. This model is best achieved by using a paste or possibly a pomade with a low to medium hold. Blow-dry your hair and style with your fingers only. You also make the parting with your fingers because a comb makes it too tight. Then apply the paste or pomade while kneading to maintain the texture and beautiful stroke. If you have thinner hair you could also use a clay for more volume.

hair back hair product

Slicked back

A style for the real gentleman is often said. This style really only works well if you have straight hair. Blow-dry your hair and comb it back in the meantime. Then apply a pomade with a lot of hold. An oil-based pomade works best for this style. This one has a lot of hold and a lot of shine. If you don't like that, a water-based pomade is also possible. If you want a lot of shine, apply it to damp hair. Can also be styled with a wax if desired.

her forward

Hair forward

A very easy hairstyle that requires almost no hair product. You just need to bring your hair forward with your hands. Do you have thick hair? Just use a little grooming spray or paste to style your hair. Apply in dry hair. Also an ideal style to hide your coves.

long hair hair product

Long hair

If you have longer hair, it is best not to put too much in your hair. You probably want to let it fall naturally and keep it looking natural. We recommend using a light cream or grooming spray . This one has a low hold but gives some control over your hair.

If your hair style has not been treated, do not immediately throw in our windows, but take a look for yourself at what look you want to achieve and what the different products do. You can always call or email us for advice. Below we list some guidelines.

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  • Strong hold
  • Lots of volume
  • Lots of texture
  • Little to no shine
  • Possibly combine with a pomade for more shine

Pomade (water)

  • Low to strong hold
  • Little to much shine
  • Easy to wash out
  • Not easy to restyle

Pomade (oil)

  • Higher hold
  • Lots of shine
  • Easy to restyle
  • Not easy to wash out


  • Low to strong hold
  • Little to much shine
  • Slightly thinner and wetter than clay
  • Suitable for almost any hair type


  • In terms of thickness between a clay and paste
  • Strong hold
  • Little to much shine


  • Get hard
  • Low hold
  • Very chemical product


  • Low hold
  • Thinnest product
  • Low and high gloss