Top 10 cream

Top 10 cream
Image of product Gray Ghost Cream Pomade
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Top 10 cream

Hair cream , also called hair cream or hair cream, is a light styling product for your hair. Your hair will get a natural and subtle shine and your hair will be controlled without any problems. You can go for a wet look with a hair cream, but that can be built up with the amount of product. It is an option to style your hair in a natural way with a hair cream so that you get a smooth and structured haircut.

Hair cream for men is a lot more subtle than other styling products such as a wax , gel , pomade or paste . A hair cream feels less intense / dry and will become less hard. Hair cream is also not intended for creating tight cuts, but for creating casual out of bed looks. With a hair cream your hair will never look 'too made'. That is why many men prefer the hair cream.

What are the benefits of hair cream?

  • Caring for your hair
  • Gives more smoothness and definition to your hair
  • Your hair will become less frizzy
  • No more white flakes in your hair
  • Keeps your hair in check
  • Looks natural

How do you use hair cream?

The way in which you have to apply hair cream can differ slightly per product, so always read the instructions carefully before you start.

  1. Make sure your hair is towel-dried
  2. Take a lick of hair cream from the jar and apply it to your palm
  3. Rub the hair cream warm between your palms so that it warms up
  4. Apply the hair cream evenly on your roots and work towards the ends
  5. Comb or brush your hair and style it

What is the best hair cream?

And how do you choose the best hair cream? It really depends entirely on your own preferences. Do you think it's important that your hair cream is vegan? Do you want a natural hair cream? Do you want a high, medium or low hold? Do you like a lot or a little shine? Answer all these questions for yourself and find your perfect match that way.

We do know that there are a few hair creams that are favorites. And they largely correspond to our own favorites, so we've made a top 10! In the above top 10 hair cream you will find top brands such as Shear Revival , Lockhart's , Morris Motley and Dauntless Modern Grooming Co. 

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