Medium long hair, natural look

Styleguide: Medium lang haar, natuurlijke look

What is medium length hair with a natural look?

The name basically says it all; medium long hair with a natural look is a smooth cut that is medium long and is styled in a natural way with a variety of styling products as desired. To start with, it is of course very important for this haircut that you let your hair grow. Is the length to your liking? Then put a clay or greasy gel through your hair and style your haircut as desired. For example, do you want your hair pulled back tightly or do you prefer to let it hang loosely; everything is possible!

Medium long hair, how many centimeters?

A medium length haircut can be defined as a length between 5 and 10 cm long. These medium length hairstyles often include a combination of cuts, which can be very short at the back and sides. For example, the Fade or Undercut hairstyles in combination with luscious volume on top are very popular with many men.

Does medium long hair with a natural look suit you?

Medium length hair with a natural look can be worn in many ways. This haircut will suit most face shapes. In terms of time, you also decide how much you spend on it, which is a nice bonus with a natural style!

Advantages of medium long hair with a natural look?

  • In a few seconds in a model, takes little time
  • Doesn't have to fit perfectly
  • Many styling options

Styling tips: the do's & don'ts of medium length hair with a natural look

You can actually do whatever you want with this hairstyle. You can opt for neat, laid back or opt for a trendy rugged twist. Do you have straight hair? Then try wax with a higher gloss. Or, for a wet look, comb through some leave-in conditioner from root to tip while hair is still damp.

Are you curious which products go well with this type of haircut? Below you can see a number of products that we have specially selected

The best styling products for medium length hair with a natural look

  1. Patricks - M3 Matte Styling Clay
  2. BluMaan - Monarch Matte Paste
  3. Shear Revival - Northern Lights Matte Paste