The best natural shampoos for men

De beste natuurlijke shampoos voor mannen

More and more people are switching to natural products. We are increasingly aware of all the harmful substances in various care products, including shampoo. A natural shampoo is a shampoo without junk, without chemicals; a shampoo created by mother nature. If you haven't yet delved into the ins and outs of a natural shampoo, then you've come to the right place. Time for some depth.

What is a natural shampoo?

With a natural shampoo you can wash dirt and grease from your hair, just like a regular shampoo . However, those regular shampoos contain chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, silicones and so on. That beautiful rich foam layer in your shampoo is often caused by these substances. These fabrics also ensure that you get a certain layer over your hair that makes it shine. Now we hear you thinking “nice right?”, but no. In the long term, these substances actually ensure that your hair will dry out.

A natural shampoo has the same purpose: to cleanse your hair. But not with aggressive ingredients. Your hair will be gently cleaned, but you will not see that rich foam layer in the shampoo. Your hair is intensely nourished and cared for. In the long term you can therefore expect healthier hair, a healthier scalp and often more hair growth. So leave that chemical foam layer behind.

There is not one type of natural shampoo. The function can be variable, just like a normal shampoo. For example, you have a natural shampoo bar (the environment will be happy with you), a natural anti-dandruff shampoo, a natural hair loss shampoo, etc. So besides being very kind to your hair, they also have other positive functions.

Which ingredients to avoid?

We just talked about all wolves in sheep's clothing: the chemicals. Time to list a list that you want to avoid in your shampoo from now on.


The ultimate traitor. In the short term, silicones ensure that your hair will shine beautifully and it is nice to comb. The insidious thing about this is that your hair will look healthy, but it is not. Silicone will build up in your hair because it is difficult to wash out. The result? Lifeless hair that can no longer absorb nutrients.

Silicones are not often listed in the ingredients list as 'silicone'. They are often named with words ending in - cone , - conol or - siloxane . Then you know what to avoid.


Sulfates will clean your hair in an aggressive way, removing not only dirt, but also natural oils. You already get it, in the long run your hair becomes dry. You also need palm oil for sulfates, and that doesn't exactly make the environment happy.

Look out for abbreviations such as SLS , ALES , and -sulfosuccinate for sulfates .


Parabens have one function in shampoos, and that is that they have a longer shelf life. Many people have a mild allergic reaction to parabens and because of this this ingredient has been much discredited. So just avoid.


Alcohol can dry out your hair considerably and also cause frizzy hair. It is often added as an ingredient so that it can shorten the drying time of your hair.

Not all ingredients with alcohol are bad, but the ones you want to avoid are these: alcohol denat , SD alcohol , ethanol , isopropyl and porpanol alcohol .


You probably already get it, perfume makes your shampoo smell nice. Perfume is not necessarily harmful, but it can cause a lot of irritation or even allergies. Especially if you have a sensitive scalp, you want to avoid perfume in your shampoo.

Simply avoid all ingredients with 'fragrance' , and separate added fragrances such as citronellol , geraniol , hexyl cinnamal , limonene , linalool or lysmeral .

Mineral oils

Mineral oils ensure that a layer is placed over your hair. That way your hair retains moisture. The annoying thing about this is that this layer can build up and is difficult to wash out of your hair. The result of this is lifeless hair because your hair can no longer absorb healthy nutrients.

Note the ingredients paraffinum liquidum and petroleum .

What are the benefits of a natural shampoo?

A natural shampoo will have different benefits than a regular shampoo. A few are listed below.

  1. Your scalp will be nourished instead of dehydrated
  2. The natural oils will not be stripped from your hair
  3. Your hair will gradually become stronger and healthier
  4. With every wash, your hair and scalp will be intensely nourished with healthy ingredients
  5. Your hair will be wildly cleansed of dirt and excess grease
  6. A natural shampoo is not only healthier for you, but also a lot better for the environment
  7. Irritations, allergic reactions or itching will be a thing of the past
  8. In the long run, your hair will no longer get dandruff because your scalp has been made healthy
  9. Your hair will become oily less quickly
  10. Your hair will become healthier, shinier and fuller in the long run

Switch to a natural shampoo

And now the tricky point, the point that makes some people drop out again. You have to be patient for a while to switch to a natural shampoo. Your shampoo will not react like a chemical shampoo. Because you get little foam, you often grab 3x as much shampoo and this is not necessary at all. The shampoo does its job, you just see it a little less well.

You also have to understand that your hair and scalp is undergoing a true detox. As a result, it is possible that your hair will feel a bit drier or that you will get dandruff. But trust us: keep going. Your scalp and hair will become healthy again the longer you keep trusting your natural shampoo. In the end you don't have any chemical shit in your hair and your scalp gets the chance to slurp up that superfood smoothie in your shampoo again.

Tips to make the transition to natural shampoo easier

To give you extra confidence in the transition from regular shampoo to natural shampoo, we have some tips for you.

  1. Mix your old shampoo with your natural shampoo. This way, the transition is a bit more gradual, so you have less chance of crazy side effects such as dandruff or a dry haircut
  2. First rinse your hair twice as long as you are used to. Because you do not see foam, it is possible that you have not washed all the shampoo out of your hair, so continue rinsing for a while longer!
  3. Brush your hair daily. That way you distribute the natural oils of your hair, giving your hair more chance to absorb the healthy ingredients from a natural shampoo
  4. Also start using a natural conditioner , so you condition your hair with nourishing ingredients

Our favorite natural shampoos

Of course we have quite a few natural shampoos in our house! The best natural shampoo depends on your own preferences. One man wants a vegan shampoo and the other wants a natural anti-hair loss shampoo. So take a look at your own preferences.

But, as you are used to from us, we also have our own favourites. And how silly would it be if we didn't share it with you?

1. Hanz de Fuko Natural Shampoo

Made from pure plant extracts with more than 10 amino acids. This organic shampoo ensures that your hair becomes extremely healthy with a healthy, natural shine. Your hair will become stronger, thicker and more manageable.

2. Shear Revival Loom Shampoo

This nourishing, soft and moisturizing shampoo will ensure a healthy scalp and healthy hair. Your scalp is soothed while your hair elasticity is promoted in the meantime. This shampoo will help prevent dandruff and repair damaged hair.

3. Doers of London Shampoo

This organic shampoo is formulated to strengthen your hair, give it a natural shine and make your scalp healthy. The natural shampoo without chemicals is suitable for all hair and skin types.

If you still have questions about the use of natural shampoos, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you find the perfect natural shampoo. You know where to find us!

Good luck my lads,

Your friends, The Alpha Men