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    Top 10 Summer Fragrances

    Top 10 zomer geuren
    Image of product Eau de Parfum - Cap D'Antibes
    Image of product Eau de Parfum - Pacific Cannabis
    Image of product Eau de Parfum - Sel d'Argent
    Image of product Eau de Parfum - Mémoires De Mustique
    Image of product Eau de Parfum - Citrus Riviera
    Image of product Eau de Parfum - Une Figue
    Image of product Eau de Parfum - Sunset Cafe
    Image of product Eau de Parfum - Giallo Elicriso
    Image of product Eau de Parfum - Secret Potion N.3
    Image of product Eau de Parfum - Villa Neroli

    Top 10 Summer Fragrances

    Hold your horses, don't you wear a signature men's perfume all year round? Nope, not if it's up to us. A good perfume is just as important as your outfit, shoes and hairstyle. A scent does something to your appearance and to the first impression people get of you. So not entirely unimportant. If you've discovered a signature scent that suits you, kudos. But it is at least as important to change this scent once in a while. Why? We will explain it to you in detail.

    Perfumes in seasons

    Your perfume does quite a bit with your appearance. Do you smell fresh, masculine, bushy, floral, spicy, warm, cold, classic or sexy? Each scent takes you to a different experience and that experience evokes a feeling. In winter it makes sense that you smell a bit heavier, sultry and darker. Fits the season. It would be a rather strange combination to sit in front of the wood stove drinking red wine with a good gust of tropical coconut surrounding you. You also don't drink eggnog with your Christmas hat when you're baking in the sun on the Spanish costa.

    In summer, fresh scents suit the atmosphere more. And no, then you don't have to smell like meadow flowers and piña coladas right away. Summer scents often contain fresh notes, such as pine or fresh dew. Citrus scents, lavender, wildflowers. Ozonic or aquatic notes are also often used, which often remind you of a certain scent from a warm country.

    Variation generates interest

    An extra positive point of switching your men perfume is that it arouses interest. Your colleagues probably recognized your scent of men from miles away. You may have had a few compliments about it at first, but after your second day at your new job, those compliments will wear off. When you walk in on a lovely sunny morning, a smell of men is suddenly detected that is still unknown. You arouse interest. You send a signal, a new impression.

    Okay, this may not be very exciting at work (unless you have a really nice job), but how about a date? Hanging out at the bar at your favorite beach club for an evening? A BBQ from an acquaintance (who may have very nice other acquaintances)? Time to inject some new attitude. Your signature scent of men can reappear in the winter.

    Which fragrance notes suit me?

    That will be quite difficult for us to decide through this screen. You are the one who can determine this. Look for the top notes, base notes and the heart of the perfumes you like. Do you see a match somewhere? Then you know what to filter on. For example, if you like citrus, look for men's perfume with citrus. Look for reviews online to see how other people have experienced this fragrance. The Easter egg quest is over, time for the quest for treasure in the perfume industry.

    Top 10 men's perfumes for summer

    When the weather is summer and the temperatures have risen, you can use a refreshing summer scent. There are so many different eau de parfums and eau de colognes on offer today that just looking at them makes you feel warm. To help you in this quest and to give you a wonderful refreshment during the hot summer days, we have put together the best summer perfume for men for you. This top 10 lists our favorite summer scents so you can enjoy the weather and survive the summer.