5 Tips for growing your beard

5 Tips voor het kweken van je baard


We immediately start with the most difficult task of the entire growing process, patience. Growing a decent beard takes time and often takes longer than expected. Of course it varies from person to person, but growing a beard can easily take two months. Give your hair plenty of time to grow and set yourself a date that you can work towards.

Wash your beard

Just like your head hair, you need to wash a beard. After some pub hours, sports, eating and smoking, there is a lot of dirt and nasty smells on your beard hairs. You enjoy a fresh beard, so wash it once every two weeks with a hair shampoo or a special beard shampoo . After washing, always apply a beard oil or beard conditioner to care for the beard and the underlying skin. This prevents dandruff in your beard and the hair will appear fuller and shine nicely again.

Oak Beard wash to grow your beard


Now we come straight to the biggest culprit of shaving too early, itching. Nothing is more annoying than an itchy beard. Actually, there is no solution for this in the form of an ointment or oil. The new hairs itch and sting your skin and you just have to bite through this. The itching period usually only lasts a week or two. What helps is to comb your beard hair in the direction of hair growth, you can use a special beard comb from, for example, Captain Fawcett . You massage the skin and lift the hairs from the skin, so that the itchy feeling will be less.

Beard oil

Another major culprit for shaving off your beard prematurely is the lady of the house. Beards are naturally stiff and hard, so they can sometimes sting and itch at the other party. So be a man and avoid difficult conversations and take good care of your beard. Beard oil softens the beard hairs, making them smooth and soft again and significantly reducing complaints.

Captain Fawcett oil and a comb to grow your beard

Model it

Few of us will naturally have a perfectly covering beard. Take care of your beard and follow the natural lines of your beard. Trim away the single hairs without creating an (over) styled beard. For your neck you can use your Adam's apple as a natural border, shave the hairs below your Adam's apple and follow the natural curve of your neck.

If you follow the tips above, you will see that the process of your beard growth is much easier.