Working at The Alpha Men

We started The Alpha Men in 2014 as a small hobby project. Now more than 7 years later there is a real company with a top team of passionate boys, girls, women and men. Driven to conquer the world with The Alpha Men. We have set ourselves the goal of helping men to bring out the best version of themselves, with the most beautiful products and good advice. In the Netherlands we are already well on our way, but not every man knows us yet and we do not yet have a foothold outside the national borders.

To realize this we are looking for new team members to fulfill new roles. The Alpha Men is located in the Groningen Stadskanaal, where our warehouse and office are located. We are a fast-growing e-commerce company with a relaxed working atmosphere. Working for us is dynamic, every day is different and because of our growth you see a lot of change in the workplace. This to get a little better every day. You will experience a lot of freedom in every role within our team and initiatives are appreciated!

Have you become enthusiastic about The Alpha Men and can you already see yourself working here? Then apply for one of the vacancies below.

Open vacancies:

We have no deadline for the above vacancies. We take just as much time until we find the perfect person for our team.

Handbook The Alpha Men:

To give you an immediate impression of our company and working method, read our handbook. Public and can be viewed via the following link. In this we take you through our working method, your first day at work, norms and values ​​and much more.
> View the Handbook

Application Process

When you apply for a job with us, we go through the following steps.

  1. Application. We receive your application and go through it thoroughly. You will always receive a response from us within a week, possibly with an invitation for a telephone conversation.
  2. Telephone introduction. In the telephone conversation we will get to know you and go through your application and the role within the company. Positive? Then we invite you for a conversation.
  3. First introduction Online/Offline. The first meeting will be an introduction, in which we go deeper into the work and show you the company. After the first meeting, we will inform you whether or not you have passed.
  4. Second conversation. Both parties are enthusiastic, then we plan a second meeting in which we introduce you to your future colleagues and you meet both owners.
  5. Conditions, almost in. You like it and we like it, then we only have to talk about the conditions. We do this in the third conversation. Reimbursement, travel expenses and hours are discussed here.
  6. Welcome aboard! Both agree? Then we would like to welcome you to the team!

Open application:

If you don't see your dream job listed here, but you do expect to be of added value to The Alpha Men, please send your application to attn Cedric