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Tcheon Fung Sing, better known as TFS, was founded in 1945 in Turin, Italy, after the war. During the production of Tcheon Fung Sing products, only high-quality and natural ingredients are used to offer the best possible quality.

Today, Tcheon Fung Sing is already in the 3rd generation. A fun fact is that for the last few decades Tcheon Fung Sing has been run by women who are engaged in developing the best shaving products for men.

The aim of Tcheon Fung Sing is to offer handcrafted products with natural ingredients, good quality and a wonderful scent, at an affordable price.


TFS products

TFS has a huge collection of products and is best known for its shaving soap. The TFS shaving soap is available in many different scents and packaging. In addition to high-quality shaving soaps, the brand has also focused on eau de parfum, aftershave, eau de cologne, hand soap and pre-shave in various types and scents.