RE-NEW Copenhagen

RE-NEW Copenhagen

Re-New takes a new course in hair care. They do this with their line of... read more

Re-New takes a new course in hair care. They do this with their line of unisex hair styling. Re-New hair products will nourish, texture and... read more

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RE-NEW Copenhagen

Re-New takes a new course in hair care. They do this with their line of unisex hair styling. Re-New hair products will nourish, texture and strengthen your hair. This will make your hair visibly stronger and healthier. The branding is known for its simple, clean, functional, well-designed and elegant look.

The Scandinavian brand stands for products that are not tested on animals, are environmentally friendly and performance-oriented. Their high-quality hair care products are developed with only the very best ingredients from nature.


What makes Re-New Copenhagen special?

The brand is not only distinguished by the new direction for unisex hair styling, but also as a brand itself. The brand has many norms and values. For example, the protection of nature is very important to this brand.



Animal welfare is extremely important to Re-New Copenhagen. This is why the brand is 100% vegan. Re-New products therefore do not contain any animal ingredients or by-products.


Animal testing free

The Scandinavian brand has been officially labeled "cruelty-free". This label stands for products that neither kill nor harm animals. All Re-New Copenhagen products meet these requirements.


Planting trees

To reduce the ecological footprint, Re-New Copenhagen has chosen to support the forests for Northern Europe. For every 10th product purchased, the brand will plant a tree in Denmark on your behalf.


Free of sulfates

Just look at most hair products, they almost all contain sulphates. Sulfates are added to hair products to create a rich lather. However, many people don't know that sulfates actually dry out and damage your hair. Re-New has replaced sulfates with many natural ingredients that nourish your hair instead of drying it out. Your hair will also be more hydrated and your hair will shine more.


Free from microbeads

Microplastics, also known as 'microbeads', are tiny solid plastic particles that can be found in many hair and beauty products. These microbeads are not biodegradable and end up in the groundwater. This is also the reason that no microbeads can be found in the Re-New Copenhagen products.



As is clear, the Scandinavian brand cares a lot about nature and the environment. That is why all packaging is recyclable.


Green lounge

The “Green Salon” quality mark is a Scandinavian certification that combats all harmful substances for the environment and health. All Re-New Copenhagen products have been checked and therefore have the “Grøn Salon” quality mark.


No carcinogens

Carcinogens are carcinogens. You obviously don't want this in your hair care products! That is why all Re-New Copenhagen products are tested and approved.


No endocrine disruptors

In many care products you will find substances that can disrupt your hormones. To prevent this, all products of the brand have been tested and approved.


Free from irritating or allergenic substances

Re-New Copenhagen's products are suitable for people who quickly suffer from irritated skin or allergies. All products have been tested for irritating and allergenic substances and approved.


The products of Re-New Copenhagen

Re-New Copenhagen has a line with both natural hair care products and natural hair styling products. Think of a natural shampoo , a bamboo comb , a hairpaste , a hair clay , a hair cream , a grooming spray . The brand also has a number of nice gift sets and a bamboo toothbrush .