Muhle shaving sets

Muhle shaving sets

With a shaving set from Mühle , you can be sure that you are getting fine, high-quality products. The shaving sets from Mühle always contain different products that fit together perfectly.

Shaving sets from Mühle come in different shapes, sizes and compositions. That's why you have different variants of a starter set, but also professional shaving sets.

What's in a shaving kit from Mühle?

Most shaving kits contain at least two and sometimes several of the following products:

Mühle Shaving Set with Gillette Fusion

Mühle has a special collaboration with Gillette Fusion's razor. The Gillette Fusion razor contains 5 blades that are close together to reduce the pressure. The blades also contain a powerglide coating so that the razor will glide over your skin without any problem.

The razor is assembled with a Mühle shaving brush , a shaving brush and razor holder and possibly supplied with a shaving bowl. The shaving brushes are made of grauda hair and the handles vary from ash wood to precious resin.

Mühle Shaving Set with Gillette Mach3

Mühle has also developed special shaving sets with the Gillette Mach3 razor. This is an accessible razor with a modern finish. The Gillette Mach3 razors contain 3 different, comfortable razor blades.

In any case, you will find the Gillette Mach3 razor and the Mühle shaving brush in a Mühle set. In addition, a razor-and-brush holder will be supplied as standard with the option to expand with a shaving bowl. All Mühle shaving brushes contain grauda hairs and the handles vary from ash wood to precious resin.

Mühle Shaving Set with Safety Razor

If you want a shaving set with only products from Mühle itself, then the Mühle sets with safety razor are a good match. The safety razor has a closed comb and is indispensable in the bathroom of fanatical wet shavers. The safety razor embodies precision, ergonomics and design and provides the smoothest and most comfortable shave.

In the Mühle shaving sets with safety razor you will find at least the Mühle safety razor, the Mühle shaving brush and a razor-and-brush holder. The set can also be expanded with a shaving bowl. All Mühle shaving brushes contain grauda hair and the handles vary from precious resin to ash wood.

The shaving brand Mühle

Mühle is a well-known shaving brand and one of the frontrunners in shaving. The brand knows very well how to combine their years of expertise with artistic craftsmanship. You can see that a lot of passion, attention and energy has been put into all Mühle products.

Mühle has a full range of products for wet shaving . For example, the brand has designed the best shaving bowls, razors, razor blades and many accessories for shaving. All products can be effortlessly combined with each other because they are perfectly matched.

All Mühle products are made on a natural basis and therefore do not contain any harmful substances.

Mühle shaving set ordered before 21:00, delivered the same day

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