Hair clipper

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Hair clipper

A hair clipper is a useful tool for cutting and trimming hair . It is an electric device specially designed to cut and trim hair to different lengths. It is often used by hairdressers and stylists, but can also be used at home to maintain a man's or woman's hair.


How does a hair clipper work?

A hair clipper consists of several parts, including the blade, motor, comb and handle. The blade is the most important part of the trimmer and cuts the hair to the desired length. The motor makes the blade move and the comb helps to keep the hair in the desired position while it is being trimmed. The handle is the part where you hold the trimmer .

A hair clipper often has several combs that can be used to cut the hair to different lengths. The length can be adjusted by changing the comb or adjusting the settings on the trimmer. This makes it easy to cut and trim hair to different lengths.


Different types of hair clippers

There are different types of hair clippers available in the market. Some are wired and need to be plugged into a wall outlet, while others are cordless and powered by a rechargeable battery. There are also trimmers that can be used both wired and wireless.


Using a hair clipper

Using a hair clipper is easy and does not require much experience. Before you begin, it is important to wash and dry the hair to make it easier to trim. Then choose the right comb and set the trimmer to the desired length. Start trimming the hair on the sides and then work your way up and back. Use the comb to hold the hair in the desired position and hold the trimmer at right angles to the head to ensure an even cut.


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