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When you suffer from blemishes, spots, impurities or redness in your face, foundation is a perfect solution. Many women have been using foundation for years, but in recent years foundation has found its way to man. A little foundation can do wonders and ensure that you dare to show your facial skin a lot more confidently.

What is foundation?

Foundation is make-up that ensures that your skin gets an even complexion. Redness, spots, blemishes or pimples will also be less visible (or even disappear) after using foundation. Foundation is not a facial care , but rather a product that ensures that imperfections are hardly visible as long as you wear it.

Foundations come in different forms with different outcomes. You have both a liquid foundation, stick foundation and powder foundation. There is also a face powder , but this is often used after foundation for extra coverage. Foundations are in different “coverage”levels, so in different levels of coverages. You have a light, medium and high coverage. With a "full coverage", as a high coverage is often called, you will really put a layer over your face that makes your entire skin smooth. If you want to keep it more natural, you should go for a light coverage.

How do I use foundation?

Foundation can be applied in several ways. It is an option to apply a face cream beforehand to give your face a healthy base. Then apply a little foundation to your palm. Then apply this in dots or stripes on your entire face. Now you have the option to dab this out with your fingers or with a make-up sponge . Just try both to see what you like best.

Now you can see if you have used enough foundation or if you want to apply a little more in certain places. If you want to powder yourself, you can do this with a face powder to make your face more matte.

The benefits of foundation

  • Imperfections become invisible
  • Your skin becomes smooth and looks healthy
  • Foundation can boost your confidence
  • You are protected from outside influences
  • Your skin gets a healthy glow


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