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Brush cleaner

Everyone knows it, your hairbrush that is full of hair. As a result, your hair will be brushed less well and the hairbrush will not be able to do its job as well. Fortunately, it is not necessary to always remove those hairs with your hands, because nowadays there are brush cleaners.

What is a brush cleaner?

A brush cleaner is a kind of "claw" that is specially designed to easily remove the hairs from your hairbrush .

The benefits of a brush cleaner

  • Effectively removes hair from your brush
  • Let your hairbrush work optimally
  • Removes dirt from your hairbrush
  • You no longer have to pluck hair with your hands

How do you use a brush cleaner?

A brush cleaner is easy to use. Due to the claw-like shape of the brush cleaner, all hair and dirt will be removed from your brush without any problem. Move the brush cleaner from one side to the other and you will see that the bristles automatically follow.

Types of hairbrushes

Afro sponge : Suitable for men with an afro hairstyle

Denman brush : Suitable for all hair lengths and hair types

Detangler brush : Perfect to detangle your hair

Paddle brush : Suitable for men with (medium) long hair

Round brush : Perfect for creating volume, waves or curls

Scalp brush : Provides scalp massages for healthier hair

Styling brush : Suitable for detangling your hair and adding volume

Vent brush : Quickly creates volume in your hair

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