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Bath foam

After a stressful, long or hard day, fill up with a nice bath. We wonder if there is anything more delicious than that. No, self-care is no longer just for women in 2022. How to make your bath even better? With a good bath foam for men. Leave that chemical mess from the nearest supermarket and opt for a high-quality, nice-smelling bubble bath. And the advantage of that high quality? The foam will then not have disappeared like snow in the sun within two minutes, so you can enjoy your well-deserved bath for an extra long time.


What is bath foam?

Bath foam is a cosmetic product that creates a rich foam layer in warm water. This foam has a cleansing effect on your body. The basis of every bath foam is soap. The foam that forms in your bath comes from a surfactant in the product and even ensures that your bath stays warm longer.


The benefits of bath foam

There are quite a few benefits to bath foam that you don't always expect at first. We're going to list them for you.

  • A warm bath with foam reduces stress
  • A warm bath with foam provides relaxation
  • Bubble bath makes your skin supple and soft
  • A warm bath with foam promotes blood circulation
  • Some scents in the foam can help you sleep better
  • Bubble bath cleanses your body
  • Your bath stays warm longer


Differences in bath foam for men

Bath foam for men comes in all shapes, sizes and scents. Bath foam is also available almost everywhere, from the supermarket to The Alpha Men. Of course, the quality also varies quite a bit between them. We are a fan of bath foam with natural ingredients, so that you are not soaking in a chemical substance.

A good bubble bath mainly consists of various natural oils (such as almond oil and jojoba oil) and extracts from plants or flowers (such as Ylang-Ylang and eucalyptus). Check with each product which ingredients it contains and how they work, so that you can filter your bubble bath accordingly.


How do you use bath foam?

You put bath foam in your bath when you let your bath fill up. Make sure your bath is at the right temperature. You can determine the amount of foam with the amount of bubble bath you put in it. Build this up so that you are not suddenly surprised with a bathroom full of foam. Done, bathe!


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