Tallow vs Glycerin Shaving Soap

Talg vs Glycerine Scheerzeep

Shaving soaps. Just like toothpastes or margarine, there are quite a few kinds of them. There is also a lot of variety when it comes to shaving soap . This applies not only to fragrances, vegan or 3x ground soaps, but also to the ingredients present in these products.

That sometimes makes it difficult to choose if you want to take the step to a different type of shaving soap. Because you've been used to shaving for years with the shaving soap that your dad gave you as a gift.

The versions with Glycerin and Sebum as ingredients both have excellent properties when it comes to a comfortable shave. It just depends on what you prefer. You can only experience that if you get to work with it yourself.

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Shaving soap with sebum

Sebum is found in various skin care products and is very popular in the assembly of shaving soaps due to its properties. Tallow is an animal product. The fats of mainly beef are used as a nourishing ingredient. The specific name for this animal fat is triglycide, which in turn is derived from beef.

But sebum from sheep and other animals is also present. This substance is known for its nourishing properties, has a lubricating effect and is therefore perfectly suited to serve as a component in shaving soap. Why it is such a great source of nutrition for the skin also has to do with the fact that its composition is very similar to human fats. In addition, sebum also provides a rich foaming shaving soap.

Sebum also contains the right fatty acids, which makes it excellently moisturizing the skin. This greasy component also offers good protection for the skin when shaving, which reduces the risk ofwounds .

With the arrival of excellent vegan alternatives and sustainable awareness among many people, products containing sebum are slowly becoming less popular. Although a good shaving soap with tallow will always have a fanatical fan base.

Shaving soap with glycerine

Shaving soaps with glycerin on board are popular. It is an odorless and colorless additive that is widely used in many skin care products for its moisturizing and lubricating properties. So is shaving soap. Glycerin is a so-called humectant. A body's own substance that is located in the top layer of the skin.

So it occurs naturally in our own body. It is a water-soluble substance used in moisturizing face cream , lubricant or solvent. Glycerin is also widely used in nutrients. As an ingredient for the skin, it is popular because it has a moisturizing function. In addition, it also retains moisture so that the skin retains its elastic properties.

The shaving soaps without the lubricating and naturally greasy sebum are usually equipped with argan oil , palm oil and coconut oil. In addition, manufacturers often add glycerin because this has an extremely positive effect for sensitive skin due to its lubricating, but above all caring effect.

Is it a good idea for you to try both?

It is quite difficult for many men to make the right choice from a shaving soap. Often we are conservative in that regard and often stick with a brand that we feel good about. At least you think so. Perhaps you use a drugstore or supermarket gel / foam that has actually caused you to suffer from skin irritation for a long time. But are we so used to that that we think this is just part of it. But you don't have to.

There are also many gentlemen who have been shaving for years with a top soap with sebum and there are entire tribes who, without knowing it, shave to their full satisfaction with a glycerine-based shaving soap.

But that's why it doesn't hurt to look further and test several shaving soaps. You might just be surprised and wonder: why didn't I try this before...

Shaving soaps with both ingredients, sebum or glycerin, on board are extremely pleasant for the skin. However, it is personal which variant you like best. So we have a number of them ready for you to test. Then we would of course like to hear from you which type you prefer!

Final tip: always use the best aftershave balm after shaving. That calms and soothes.


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