Shaving with the Shavette: this is all you need

Scheren met de Shavette: dit is alles wat je nodig hebt

It is also called the ultimate shave. The tip of the iceberg. Shaving with a straight razor gives by far the smoothest cheeks. The slightest irritation. Many men seem to shave with a straight razor . Yet most do not dare. You cut yourself very quickly, it is a big investment and it takes a lot of time and effort to master the technique. Let alone keeping the knife sharp. You're not the only one who thinks so. Even a large part of the barbers think so.

That is why there is the Shavette . This one looks like a straight razor but has interchangeable blades. Often the same kind of blades as in the safety razor, but then one side of the blade. This ensures that you don't have to work with belts to learn how to sharpen your knife. You can easily replace the blade. That lowers the threshold for many men considerably. Now all you have to do is make sure you don't cut yourself open.

The feeling of a straight razor but easier

So you shave yourself in the same way. The blade looks much the same as a traditional straight razor. But much more user-friendly. Yes, then just learning to shave yourself. Is that really that hard? That is actually great. It takes more practice than, say, shaving with a safety razor . But in the end, this way of shaving will give you the most pleasure and benefit.

Shavette starter kit

Difference between the shavette and the classic barber knife

Is shaving with a shavette completely the same? Not quite. There is a small difference with a big effect. The cut of a classic straight razor is a bit friendlier because it has more rounded corners. This makes the straight razor somewhat more tolerant to the skin. The big advantage of a shavette is of course that you can change razor blades . That means you can choose from aggressive blades or more tolerant blades for the skin. You can buy the blades as single edge blades. Or you break your double edge blades for your safety razor in two. So you just get a single edge blade .

The benefits of shaving with a shavette

There is a reason that the major commercial brands do not sell straight razors, but cartridge razors such as the Gillette Fusion. That's the wallet. There's little money to be made from customers with a straight razor. It is a one-off investment in a knife that can last for years. And the interchangeable blades cost next to nothing. As a user of a shavette you will save quite a lot of money on an annual basis. That can amount to hundreds of euros. The investment of a good shavette is therefore quickly paid off.

The most important, of course, is the shaving itself. The result. And if you want to invest the time to master shaving with a shavette, it will really pay off. Smooth skin, no ingrown hairs and especially no razor burn and other irritations after shaving. It also seems incredibly cool, shaving with such a tool in your hand.

shaving kit beginners

Buying a shavette for beginners

We always get a lot of questions about buying a shavette. Here too there is a huge choice and the price differences are also huge. Does it always have to be expensive? No absolutely not. On the contrary. The most important thing when purchasing a shavette is the material it is made of and how easy the shavette is to use. These types of classic razors have many differences in detail. Are we going to explain in detail which points you should pay attention to now that you want to buy a shavette? No we have something much better.

The shavette starter kits

We often get the question from customers where to start. Which shavette is best for a beginner, or the more advanced? In addition to purchasing a shavette, there is of course also a shaving soap , shaving brush and an aftershave for after shaving. That is why we at The Alpha Men have made a selection of top products within different levels. This way you are always assured of high-quality products that are coordinated with each other. You don't have to find out for yourself which products fit together and which knife is best. Simply a total package that you can finish in one go.

Shavette shaving sets in different price ranges.

As a beginner you need a different type of shavette than if you have years of experience or are a real enthusiast. Even if you do not yet know whether it is right for you, you do not want to make too large an investment, but you do want to get a piece of quality. Whichever shavette kit you choose, you will never compromise on quality. With that in mind, we've put together four different shaving sets. These are classified as bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

open razor starter set

Shavette Starter Kit Bronze

This starter kit is perfect if you want to get acquainted with the shavette. We have looked at the best quality for the lowest price and also at how easy the products are to use.

shavette starter set

Shavette Starter Kit Silver

The perfect everyone's friend. For the men who want to go a step further with the shavette. High quality but still for a friendly price.

shavette shaving set beginners

Shavette Starter Kit Gold

The starter kit gold is of very high quality and especially towards the luxurious feeling. In terms of experience and scents you will feel like a real gentleman.

Shavette shaving set

Shavette Starter Kit Platinum

The best quality products. A bigger investment that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

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