Shaving routine: How to shave your head perfectly smooth with a safety razor?

Scheerroutine: Hoe scheer je je hoofd perfect glad met een safety razor?

Shaving the scalp requires a slightly different technique than removing your beard stubble. For one man it doesn't have to be super smooth and trimming is sufficient. But if you want to get the head super smooth, you can't avoid taking a good razor in hand.

Most gentlemen use the well-known cartridge razor because they are used to it. But more and more men are discovering the quality of a traditional safety razor . With this classic shaving instrument you can shave the scalp very comfortably.

Incidentally, we have put together a Head Shave Starter Kit for you that you can use right away. More about that below!

Step 1: Trim

If you want a reasonably bald head, you can of course also get started with a good trimmer . In the shortest position you already achieve an excellent result. Not super smooth but just very short stubble. Fine. A trimmer can also be useful to first remove your slightly too long hair before shaving it with the knife. Makes shaving just that little bit easier.

Step 2: Pre Shave

After a hot shower, we advise you to use a good pre-shave to optimally prepare your scalp for the shave. A mild pre-shave ensures maximum shaving comfort when shaving your sensitive scalp.

A high-quality pre shave contains ingredients with which you can apply an extra layer of protection to your skin. This softens but also ensures that the razor glides more comfortably over your head and prevents shaving irritation.

Step 3: Shaving cream

When you're going to shave your head you can't do without the use of a good shaving cream . Just make yourself comfortable. You will notice that if you get started with the right shaving cream or shaving soap , you immediately feel that your razor glides like a hot knife through butter.

The natural oils and fats in these products give you a safe and comfortable shaving experience. And that's what you want when you take care of the thin scalp with a sharp knife.

Step 4: Safety Razor

If you are currently still shaving your head with a disposable cartridge razor, but are curious about a next level shaving experience, we also recommend that you start using a classic safety razor with a closed comb.

With a safety razor you have to learn a slightly different technique, but once you have mastered this you really don't want anything else. It's not difficult. You can read all about it in our blog ' How do you use a safety razor? ' .

Benefits of a safety razor:

  • More comfortable: for men with a sensitive scalp
  • Less shaving movements: stroke 1 to 2 times over your scalp for a smooth result
  • Less irritation: less chance of razor burn and skin irritation than with a cartridge razor
  • Smoother result: a much closer shave than with a cartridge razor
  • Cheaper: much cheaper and more durable than shaving with a disposable cartridge razor

Step 5: Aftercare

Once you've shaved your scalp, there's one last step you can take to soothe, hydrate and care for the skin. A number of excellent products have been developed for this, such as a good aftershave balm, argan oil and an SPF day cream.

After shave balm

For disinfecting and soothing the skin and helps to soothe any shaving irritation. It optimally hydrates and makes the scalp supple and immediately feels soft. A good aftershave balm absorbs quickly and usually has a pleasantly soft scent.

Argan oil

A rare and pure oil that moisturizes your freshly shaved scalp, nourishes it with only natural ingredients and gives a pleasant calming effect and a comfortable feeling. Argan oil absorbs quickly and does not leave a glistening fat layer.

Day cream with SPF

It is important to use a day cream with a high SPF. It protects your bald scalp from harmful UV rays and prevents skin aging . The ingredients present also provide perfect protection against air pollution and skin cancer. In addition, with an SPF day cream you can nourish the skin with the necessary antioxidants and vitamins.

Meet our Head Shave Starter Kit

To make it even easier for you, we have put together an extremely handy Head Shave Starter Kit (Note: now out of the range...) for you. You don't have to look for yourself anymore! Because with this unit you have everything you need to comfortably shave your head without having to worry about any irritation. The result is a pleasantly bald and soft scalp.

In this kit you will find the popular Mühle R89 safety razor. The leading classic razor for the best results for perfectly smooth skin. In addition, the pre-shave and very soothing shaving cream from the renowned BAUME.BE are also included in the kit. This brand is known for its use of natural ingredients for very sensitive skin.

Finally, you will also receive the argan oil mentioned above from the legendary Officina Artigiana Milano . Once you've applied this nourishing and soothing oil after shaving, you'll never want anything else.

In short, if you are planning to shave your head in a really classic way, we have all the tools here for you to do this in a safe and comfortable way!

Good luck!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.