Open comb vs Closed comb: Which safety razor shaves best?

Open kam vs Gesloten kam: Welke safety razor scheert het beste?

The safety razor the open or closed comb. First of all, what is the difference between these 2 professional razors? A safety razor with a double edge blade is most commonly seen in the closed comb trim. Around the world, the closed comb safety razor is pretty much the standard for the best and most comfortable shave.

Incidentally, there is also a variant of the safety razor and that is the slant safety razor . But you can read all about that in our article ' What is a slant safety razor' .

Why should you use a closed comb safety razor?

A safety razor with a closed comb is the shaving instrument to achieve a comfortable shave. A safety razor armed with the best double edge razor blades are actually the most professional razors with which you can shave the stubble daily.

You can't compare a shave with a safety razor to a cartridge razor . So check out our top 10 with the best safety razors .

Unlike a safety razor with an open comb, the shaving head with a closed comb offers a little more protection through the use of a straight safety plate that runs the length of the razor. This plate, or rod, may be flat and smooth in shape or may contain small grooves.

The purpose of this design is that it stretches the skin smooth just before the blade cuts through the hair. As a result, this safety razor with closed comb ensures a really smooth and flat shaving surface for the blade. This is precisely why you avoid the risk of razor burns. Very important: always use good shaving soap. Read our blog 'The difference between shaving soap, cream, oil, gel & foam ' why.

There is also such a thing as a straight razor. Or a shavette. These are of course the heavy duty blades for shaving with which you achieve excellent smooth results. But that requires serious technique. No safety built in! Check out the article ' Shaving with a shavette '.

Why should you use a Safety Razor with an open comb?

Nothing is necessary, of course, but the safety razor with open comb is also a refined shaving tool . Only this type is slightly more aggressive than the safety razor with the closed comb. The open comb razor is also used more often by the man with more shaving technique.

This type of safety razor is also very suitable for the heavier type of beard hair. You have to be a little more careful but it shaves like a hot knife through butter. Because the double edge blade blade is more exposed, it grabs just a little more skin and beard hairs.

You also need fewer movements over the face to shave well. The teeth allow more shaving soap to properly lubricate and protect the skin. The blade is slightly closer to the skin. Less ironing over the skin also means less irritation. The open comb construction allows shaving residue, bristles and foam through without clogging the blade.

What are the differences between an open comb and closed comb?

Safety razor with closed comb

  • Needs a little less technique
  • Less chance of razor burns
  • The step from a cartridge razor to a safety razor with a closed comb is smaller than to a safaty razor with an open comb

Tip: try one of our closed favourites. Like Henson 's Henson AL-13 Safety Razor .

Safety razor with open comb

  • Due to the more open double edge blade, this type of instrument shaves a little more aggressively
  • You need to show a little more technique
  • Thanks to the open double-edge blade, this safety razor takes just a little more shaving soap, so that the blade glides even more smoothly over the beard hairs
  • Perfect for coarse & heavy beard hairs
  • The open comb construction allows shaving residue, bristles and foam to pass through a little more easily without clogging the blade.

Tip: try one of our open favourites. Like the Mühle R41 Safety Razor from Mühle .

And the winner is…

Unlike the battle between thesafety razor vs cartridge razor, it is difficult to designate a winner. They are both perfect shaving instruments. The safety razor with closed comb is a professional razor that is an excellent shaving tool, especially for beginners. The open version is more of a shaving tool for the experienced shaving pilot.


For both safety razors, when you first start using it, you should take the time to learn how to shave properly. Then you will achieve a very good result with both. Finally, check our article ' Which safety razor suits you best '. Then you know all the ins and outs regarding the Safety Razor!

If you have any questions or comments, we would like to hear from you. Of course we hope that with the above we have made you even more enthusiastic to get started with 1 of the two shaving instruments.


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