How to shave your pubic hair for men: tips & tricks

Schaamhaar scheren voor mannen: tips en tricks

For women it is the most normal thing in the world, they are real experts when it comes to shaving pubic hair. Without shame they walk into a salon for a Brazilian wax. Completely bald or a nice stripe are therefore very common subjects.

But for men? Many men get a little uncomfortable when it comes to shaving balls. Because let's face it, how often are you in the pub discussing with your friends how to shave your pubic hair? Never. So it's about time to give you a crash course in shaving the crown jewels.


Benefits of shaving pubic hair?

Men shave their pubic hair for a variety of reasons, as there are benefits to having your affairs in order. Whether you have an exciting date planned or because you don't like such a jungle, we have listed all the benefits for you.

Some people shave their pubic hair because they find it more hygienic. Shaving pubic hair can also help reduce sweat and odors and make the genital area easier to clean. Others shave their pubic hair because they like it better or because they feel it improves their sexual experience.


Better hygiene

A bare thing is a lot fresher and cleaner. Nasty sweat odors tend to adhere to pubic hair. So if you are completely bald underneath, bacteria have less room to stay behind. Your sweat will also evaporate a lot faster without all that hair and you will therefore be less likely to suffer from a sticky bag.


Better sex life

Most women prefer clean-shaven balls and at least a close-trimmed pubic area. Not because it immediately looks a lot bigger (nice bonus), but more because it is a lot cleaner. There are therefore few women who want to give oral sex if they first have to work through a thick bush of pubic hair to get to your big friend. Apart from the foul odors that linger in it, it's just not very chill for a woman to choke on a stray pubic hair halfway through.


shave pubic hair

More comfort

Because there is no longer a large bunch of hair in your pants, there is less friction for the skin. That results in less irritation. It is certainly a relief for athletes and other people who are mainly physically active. You sweat less, which makes it feel a lot more comfortable even in the summer.


How do you shave your pubic hair?

Trimming pubic hair is quite easy. With the right trimmer and attachment, little can go wrong. But if you want it really smooth, you will have to shave (or wax). Because most men are not eager for a wax, we will stick to shaving.

Many men complain of irritation after shaving. Rash, red bumps, ingrown hairs and itching. You can prevent all this by shaving your pubic hair properly, including proper preparation and aftercare. We explain how to do that in a few simple steps. Your crown jewels will sparkle like never before.


cut or trim pubic hair

Step 1: Trim

If you have never shaved your private parts, it is of course all wild growth. No razor can beat that. Therefore, grab a pair of scissors or a trimmer, pull your skin a little taut and remove as much pubic hair as possible, until it is nice and short. Razor blades don't go very well on long hair, they get clogged.

When trimming your balls, make sure you use an attachment for your trimmer . If you put the trimmer directly on your balls, you run a very high risk of wounds, so be careful.


Step 2: Shower

Have you trimmed and is your pubic hair short enough? Then you can jump in the shower. Washing yourself well with warm water and a mild shower gel will make your coarse hair softer, your skin more supple and your pores open. The heat also causes your balls to droop a bit, which will loosen your skin a bit, making it much easier for your razor to glide over your skin.


Step 3: Shave

After you have washed your crown jewels you can get started with a razor. Always use a clean and sharp razor blade. One that you only use for shaving your pubic hair. You really shouldn't want bacteria from your balls to end up on your chin, or vice versa. That is so hygienic.


1. Apply shaving gel. By properly lubricating your pubic area and balls with shaving gel, the razor can easily glide over your skin and prevent irritation. Preferably use a shaving gel that is suitable for sensitive skin .

2. Get a clean and sharp razor blade. With a blunt blade you will get wounds much faster and make shaving very uncomfortable. In addition, you should also take care of a clean razor blade, because you want to prevent bacterial infections on your private parts at all costs.

3. Pull your skin taut. If you don't do this you will probably cut yourself. A razor works best on a smooth surface. By pulling your skin a little taut with your free hand, you can shave much safer.

4. Shave with your hair growth. By shaving in the direction of your hair you prevent irritations and ingrown hairs .

5. Shave slowly and carefully. Take your time, it's not a race. The skin around your pubic area is sensitive and quite fragile. So a mistake was made. Therefore, shave with light, gentle strokes and don't go over the same spot too often. To prevent skin irritation, always re-apply shaving gel the next time you shave over the same area.

6. Rinse your blade often. To keep the razor sharp optimally, you must ensure that your blade does not become clogged with hairs. While shaving, it is best to rinse your razor blade under running water and shake it out.


Step 4: Aftercare

It is extremely important to provide proper aftercare after shaving. First remove all soap residue and shaved hair by rinsing yourself (and your razor) with cold water. Then pat your skin dry with a clean towel. By dabbing, we do not mean rubbing. Your skin is now at its most delicate, so you shouldn't rub your freshly shaved crown jewels like crazy.

After your skin is clean and dry, it is important to soothe and moisturize your skin with aftershave . To prevent bumps and dry or irritated skin, it is best to use a mild aftershave balm . One with soothing ingredients and without alcohol.


How do you prevent sweat balls and a sticky bag?

The first step is to shave your scrotum, which allows sweat to evaporate much faster and unpleasant odors no longer linger in your pubic hair. Despite this, your balls will always produce some sweat. Because nothing is more annoying than sweat balls that start to smell over time, or a sticky bag that rubs your tight boxer shorts, we recommend using a special cream such as Happy Nuts Comfort Cream or Anthony No Sweat Body Defense . This makes chafing, unpleasant odors and a sticky bag a thing of the past.


The top 5 best products for intimate care

It can be a challenge to find the right products to keep your business clean, fresh and smooth. That is why we have selected the best products for you in the field of intimate care and shaving pubic hair. Check out our top favorites below so you can choose the right products with confidence.


1. Dick Johnson Ball Wax




2. Happy Nuts Comfort Cream




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4. Happy Nuts The Man Slab Natural Soap




5. Boldking Shaving Set for very sensitive skin


Frequently asked questions about shaving pubic hair

Is pubic hair shaving safe? Yes, shaving pubic hair is generally safe if done correctly. It is important to use a clean and sharp razor blade and to use shaving cream or gel to avoid irritation.

How often should I shave my pubic hair? This depends on your personal preference. Some people shave daily, while others choose to do it once a week or month. It's important to remember that shaving pubic hair can lead to irritation and ingrown hairs, so it's important to determine what works best for your skin.

How do I prevent ingrown hairs when shaving my pubic hair? To prevent ingrown hairs, rashes and bumps, it is important to shave in the direction of hair growth. Also avoid using a dull razor blade and don't shave too close to the skin. Exfoliating the area regularly can also help prevent ingrown hairs. Do you still suffer from ingrown hairs and irritations despite following all the steps above? Then we recommend that you use a special cream that prevents ingrown hairs, red bumps and irritations.

Can I use shaving cream or gel when shaving my pubic hair? Yes, it is recommended to use shaving cream or gel when shaving your pubic hair to moisturize the skin and protect it from irritation.

Should I trim my pubic hair before shaving? Yes, it is recommended to trim the pubic hair before shaving, especially if the hair is long. This will help keep the razor from clogging and prevent irritation.

Is shaving my pubic hair painful? Shaving pubic hair can be slightly uncomfortable, but it shouldn't be painful. If you feel pain while shaving, stop immediately and make sure the area is clean before continuing.

Can shaving pubic hair lead to infections? Yes, shaving pubic hair can increase your risk of infection, especially if you have cuts or irritation. It is important to keep the area clean, to use a clean and sharp razor, and to use a mild aftershave balm after shaving to avoid irritation.