How often should you replace your razor blades?

Hoe vaak moet je je scheermesjes vervangen?

Those are the things you might not think about in the bathroom. How often you should replace a razor blade… If you have a razor in your hands, it just has to do it. But how long does such a razor blade actually last? This applies to both the interchangeable cartridge Gillette blade and your wafer-thin double edge blade.

When to replace a razor blade depends on a number of factors. But which? We explain this in detail below. Then you know exactly when you need to change your razor blade for a fresh one.

How do you know if your razor blade is dull?

How often to replace your razor blade? First of all, you notice it by the fact that you no longer get your skin nice and smooth. The blade just doesn't shave well anymore, so you run the risk of damaging your skin because the razor pulls your (stubble) hairs out of your skin instead of cutting it.

So if your razor doesn't glide comfortably over your skin and irritation develops, it's high time to replace it. At least if you don't want to get a rash,razor burn or possiblyacne . How often do you actually feel the razor blade replaced. So don't start torturing yourself, but immediately replace that trade!

How long does a Gillette razor blade last?

A cartridge razor from Gillette has a tool through the rubber strip that makes it easy to see when you need to replace the blade. If it discolours, it is time to click a new cartridge into the holder. You also often see that the strip shows wear. In that case you are already too late.

On average, a Gillette Fusion or Mach3 razor blade is good for 6 to 7 shaves. With hard beard hairs, such a cartridge razor can also be used comfortably up to 5 times. Always rinse your razor well after use, pat it dry and preferably hang the instrument in a dry place.

Tip: if you only shave 1 to 2 times a week, you should not leave the razor in the holder for more than 20 days. This applies to both the Gillette cartridge and the double edge blade. This has to do with any bacteria that grow on the blades. These organisms can in turn lead to irritation or inflammation. Even if the blades are still sharp enough, after that time it is better not to use them anymore and aim away.

How long does a double edge razor blade last?

In a safety razor you use a double edge blade. Also called loose razor blades . You can usually shave your face about 7 to 8 times with such a double edge razor . Although it also depends on how you handle your shaver and what type of beard hair you have.

The different types of shaving cream also affect the life of your double edge blade or cartridge razor. There is a wide choice of different types of double edge blades. If you opt for a cheap variant, it will generally become blunt sooner and achieve a smooth result no more than 5 to 6 times. With the best quality double edge blades in your safety razor you can smoothly smooth your face up to 10 times.

Note: does shaving foam , shaving cream , or shaving gel affect the razor blade? Yup. Residues of shaving cream or shaving foam can have an impact on the quality and shelf life of your razor. So make sure you always rinse your razor with warm water and pat it dry before you safely put it back in a dry place. Or hangs in a razor holder .

Good luck!

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