Alum Bar, what is it?

Alum Bar, wat is het?

Everyone has come across him, the Alum Bar or Aluin in Dutch. Alum is a salt, a combination of potassium and aluminum sulfate and has been used for a long time for various applications. We also find it in men's care, it is known as the remedy after shaving.

Benefits Alum Bar

You use the Alum Bar as an After Shave, it does more than a regular after shave and is also cheaper. The Alum Bar has the following features:

  • Stops bleeding and disinfects razor wounds
  • Calms and restores the skin after shaving
  • Alum neutralizes the shaving soap and prevents the skin from drying out
  • Close the pores
  • Gives a fresh feeling to your skin
  • It doesn't smell
  • Very mild in effect, so also very suitable for sensitive skin

You may know Alum from the barber, who uses it when there is a shaving wound. By wetting the Alum stick and applying it directly to the shaving wound, the bleeding is stopped and the wound closed. It is an ancient remedy that has won its permanent place at the barber.

How to use

The Alum Bar comes in different forms. You can get Alum as a touch-on stick, for minor shaving wounds and to use topically. You then moisten the Alum Bar and let the moist stick rest on the wound for a while. The blood will clot and the wound will heal immediately.
Alum is also available in blocks or bars. These are often used as an after shave for the complete skin. You can wet the Alum block and let it go over your skin.

In addition to being ideal for shaving, the Alum Bar is used for multiple applications. Alum neutralizes odors and is therefore widely used in deodorants. With the disinfecting effect of Alum, it also works very well for pimples and acne. Even runners use Alum to rub their feet with to prevent blisters and irritations while running.

In short, a small panacea.