All about double edge blade razor blades

Alles over double edge blade scheermesjes

Double edge blades are wafer-thin polished blades. Made of stainless steel with a non-stick coating. Quality and comfort on both sides of the knife. Double edge razor blades are easy to place in your safety razor . Simply place them between the shaving head and the base plate.

These razor blades are, as you might expect, razor sharp on both sides. Single edge blades, on the other hand, can only be used on one side, and are mainly used in a shavette . Also called the 'open barber knife'. Double edge razor blades can also be used in a shavette. You can simply break such a double edge blade in half, giving you two single edge blades.

The stainless steel razor blades are processed in such a way that they are not chemically affected and do what they are supposed to do. They are also simply classified in terms of sharpness: scale 1 to 5, with 1 being the least sharp and 5 being razor-sharp.

What are single/double edge razor blades?

Single and double edge blade razor blades are interchangeable blades that you use in a safety razor or shavette. Such a double edge blade is the durable and much cheaper alternative to a cartridge razor .

Single edge razor blades are the same as double edge blades, only this razor blade has only one cutting edge and you can therefore not use it in a safety razor, but only to shave with a shavette .

A double edge blade has two cutting edges that you can use both to achieve a very close shave. Barbers use them in their safety razor for a reason.

Double edge blades come in many variants and qualities. You can buy them packed up to 200 pieces. For a fraction of the price compared to, for example, Gillette razor blades. Double & single edge blade razor blades are always wrapped per blade in paraffin paper so that you can use them sterile.

Difference between double edge and cartridge?

There is quite a big difference between a double edge razor and a cartridge disposable blade. Shaving with a safety razor is really a lot more comfortable. We even dare to call it 'wellness'. You need a little more technique at first, but once you've mastered this you'll never go back to a cartridge razor.

With a safety razor, irritation and ingrown hairs are a lot easier to avoid. In addition, the blade is so sharp that it ensures that you can easily cut through your hair. So no pulling or pushing. In addition, you also have to shave less often because you have a much smoother and smoother result. So: money-saving, time-saving and very comfortable.

Differences in brief:

A double edge blade is much cheaper than the cartridge razor blades. You can buy a good double edge razor blade for 0.35 cents, while a Gillette cartridge razor blade quickly costs 3.50 each (!) and is therefore 10x as expensive. Literal.

In terms of shaving comfort, a double edge blade in a heavy safety razor easily beats a cartridge disposable blade.

And: how about sustainability and the environment. Double edge blades can be used with old iron. Cartridge blades consist of plastic, rubber, iron and paint. You won't be happy with where it all ends up in the end. And certainly not the environment.

How do you use double edge razor blades?

Double edge razor blades are super easy to use. Easy to use in the safety razor with an open or closed comb. You can remove a double edge blade from the paraffin paper and easily load it into the safety razor by placing the blade between the head and the base plate.

Advantages of a double edge razor blade?

With a double edge razor blade in a safety razor you glide over the skin with (much) less resistance than with a disposable cartridge. Of course we have made a clear list for you with all the benefits.

  • More accurate results and a very comfortable shaving experience
  • You have to shave less often because you achieve a smoother result
  • Very suitable for sensitive skin
  • With a double edge blade you get directly under the nostrils
  • Less chance of irritated skin, razor burn, ingrown hairs and acne
  • Lots of variation in double edge blades so you can experiment well
  • You save a lot of money, on average about 10x cheaper than a cartridge!
  • Much better for the environment

Tip: By the way, do you use a safety razor with an open comb? Then you cover even more skin than with the closed version. Handy if you have heavy beard growth. It shaves a little more aggressively, but with the right technique you have an even smoother result with such a razor!

Well-known brands of double edge razor blades

The Alpha Men has a very extensive collection of double edge razor blades that you can experiment with with pleasure. From the well-known brands such as Gilette, Wilkinson, Derby & Muhle to the more exotic variants such as Kai , Feather or Perma-Sharp.

A large choice of double edge blades of high quality and sharpness. Classic brands from different countries with their own fan base. For example, there are shaving enthusiasts who use a variety of safety razors with different blades. Because we mean it: shaving with a double edge blade = WELLNESS.

Are you ready for traditional shaving? Then get started with one of our safety razor shaving sets . You are immediately complete and you get to know the best shaving sessions. Did you deserve it!

If you still have specific questions, we would love to hear from you. As you know us, we are happy to advise you. You know where to find us!

Shave on!

Your razor-sharp friends, The Alpha Men.