Manscaping: should men shave their armpits?

Manscaping: moeten mannen hun oksels scheren?

Shaving armpits. Something that is actually self-evident for women, is even different for men. Because what is that tuft of grass under the arms actually for? Why wouldn't all men just shave it off? We largely agree on certain parts of the body. Think of the legs, as a man you just stay away from that. Unless you are a cyclist or bodybuilder of course.

Why men have armpit hair is actually not yet certain in science. It is thought to have been used to attract a mate. Your armpit contains many apocrine glands that produce sweat. This sweat contains all kinds of information that is transmitted through smell. The hairs hold these scents so that it can be transferred to attract a potential mate. If it were still that easy, then of course there would be no doubt about it and every man walked with a full head of hair under his arms.

There are several explanations for why there are still different groups of men who (partly) leave it or shave anyway.

manscaping underarms

Reasons to shave your armpits


The most important argument for men is hygiene. Because when you have armpit hair you will simply perspire more in that place due to the heat. The smell that sweat leaves behind also remains in the hair. When you have washed, it is also more difficult to apply your deodorant properly. This is an important reason to shave the armpits, especially for men who play sports.

For the women

For women, it is simply a big letdown when you have unkempt clumps of hair under your arms. It does not look neat and does not make a fresh impression.

shaving armpits man


Especially during the warmer days, a common reason for men to do something about their armpit hair is that it feels a lot more comfortable. You sweat less and when you sweat you notice this less. It feels a lot lighter under your arms.

Reason not to shave your armpits

It looks more masculine

Well, let's be honest. A bald affair doesn't look very masculine. And that's where the women come in again. We know, we're not making it any easier for you. But there is also a large group of women who are turned off by bald armpits. It wouldn't be masculine. Then what do you need? If you're really concerned about that, it's best to choose the middle ground. Trimming the armpit hairs. No forest, but no barren plain either.

The hormones

The substances and odors that are released under the armpits have a pheromone-like effect. This means that it can make a woman feel attracted to you or even turned on by you. This dates back to the ancient days when we attracted partners with our scent instead of slick opening lines. When you shave your armpits close, those hormones are less likely to stay under your armpits.

To shave or not to shave armpits as a man?

So what's best now? We believe that you should do what pleases you. You can try it at least once to see how you like it. The fact is that your hair just grows back, really!

Go for the middle ground: trimming your armpits

If you prefer not to go for the bald armpit, you can always trim the armpits. The middle ground that is acceptable to almost everyone. Trimming is very easy to do by anyone with clippers. The easiest is to use a special small clipper that is a lot more precise.

It is best to do this dry before showering. Unless you have a trimmer that is water resistant and can also be used in the shower. Have you never done anything to your armpit hair? Then always start with the head for the longest hair. When you have done that you can always go a little shorter.

How do you shave your armpit hair?

If you decide to go for the comfortable smooth armpit, it is best to shave them. This is a job that requires a little more attention than trimming. That's why we explain the most important steps.

  1. Trimming

When shaving your armpits for the first time, it is important to trim them first. There isn't a razor that can cut through your jungle. So trim your armpit hair first.

shaving armpits of man

  1. Wash before shaving

Washing before shaving your armpits is important to prevent dirt from getting into the pores during shaving. Also try exfoliating your underarms from time to time to remove dead skin cells. If you don't do this, the pore opening can become closed and you are much more likely to get ingrown hairs.

  1. Shave during or right after showering

The warm water softens the underarm hairs and provides more moisture for the razor to glide over the skin. Do you find it annoying in the shower? Then do it right after showering when the hair is still soft.

  1. Use a gentle shaving cream

The skin under the armpits is very sensitive. So it is really necessary to use a shaving cream . By a gentle shaving cream we mean one that contains no or no chemicals and is therefore kind to the skin.

  1. Use a sharp knife

The biggest cause of irritation after shaving or a bad result is the use of a dull blade. Just make sure you use a new blade every time for your armpits. Use a safety razor if you already have some experience with it. This way you save on new blades and you have an even smoother result.

  1. Not a sprint but a walk

Don't make it a rush job. The armpits are very sensitive. The risk of wounds or irritation is high. Get to work in peace and don't put any pressure on the razor. Even then it won't cost you too much time.

  1. Use an aftershave balm if necessary

If you quickly suffer from irritated skin under your armpit, you could also use an aftershave balm after shaving. This has a soothing and moisturizing effect on the skin, making it feel soft after shaving. Use an alcohol-free after shave balm . Then wait a while before applying deodorant. Let it withdraw first.