How do you protect your skin in winter?

Hoe bescherm je je huid in de winter?

In the four seasons that we experience every year, the skin has to adapt to every type of weather like a chameleon. That does not go without a hit or a hit. Winter in particular is quite severe. Your facial skin will then get it pretty good.

The air is, especially when it freezes, very dry and your skin has a lot of trouble with that. That is why we will have to lend our sensitive skin a helping hand to get through these dark & ​​cold days comfortably. That calls for a good skin care routine. You don't wear a winter coat for nothing to be comfortable. Do the same for your sensitive skin.

What happens to your skin in winter?

In general, your skin gets dry and flaky in winter. This is purely due to the violent temperature fluctuations and crackling dry air. Especially if you are regularly indoors and outdoors. Bleak cold weather interspersed with 20+ degrees at home or at the office. Your skin simply reacts strongly to those violent changes.

Skin symptoms in winter

  • Pulling skin
  • Red skin
  • Peeling skin
  • (Very) dry skin
  • Eczema
  • Itch
  • Thin lines/cracks
  • Chapped/bleeding lips
  • Hypersensitivity to creams or soaps

These symptoms make your dehydrated skin vulnerable to infections or other discomforts and you can simply prevent that by taking the best possible care of your skin. What can you do to keep your skin in good condition?

Switch to balm

During the winter period it is best to take care of your skin with a good facial balm that protects the skin against the elements. A face balm often has a denser and more protective formula. In addition, a facial balm of the right quality also contains natural ingredients that moisturize and nourish the skin.

During this period we also recommend that you use a nourishing and restorative hand balm . Especially important to soothe and soften your cuticles and knuckles with this product. In addition to your dry hands, these nasty spots suffer a lot during this season.

You can use a good lip balm all year round, but it is especially a must in winter. With this you arm your lips against the dryness and the cold so that they do not chap and bleed. Extremely painful.

Use an exfoliant instead of a scrub

In winter, your skin is much more susceptible to pimples or other irregularities. That's why the importance of a correct skincare routine . The face balm is an essential part of this. But removing dead skin cells is just as important. This also allowspimples to get free work.

Then chemical exfoliation is the right approach. In any case, we recommend that you include a good exfoliant in your skin care routine all year round, but certainly also use it in the winter. It is better to leave scrub with crystals that physically abrade. You will only damage the sensitive winter skin with that.

By using the right exfoliant you dissolve the dead skin cells. But you can also brush away other blemishes, dark colors and grooves. Do this a maximum of 2x a week. If you exfoliate too much, you can dry out the skin and irritation is quickly lurking.

Shave at night

It is not convenient to shave in the morning during the winter period. Shaving already puts your skin through a lot and during such a shaving session you remove the top layer of your facial skin that offers protection. If you step into the cold in the early morning after shaving, your skin is unable to quickly rebuild that protective layer.

The result? You have a pulling skin all day long and suffer from irritations such as redness, chapping and other discomforts. Therefore, it is much better to shave before going to bed. After shaving, lubricate your skin with the best aftershave balm and apply a good night cream as a finish. Your skin has recovered sufficiently during the night so that you have laid the foundation for a new winter day.

Tip: make sure you also have argan oil at home for variety. If you massage the skin after shaving with this 100% natural, soothing and nourishing oil, you will have silky smooth skin the next day.

Warm water is better than hot water

In winter it is much better to wash the face with lukewarm water. If you use hot water, you will only dry out the skin. The hot water causes you to lose the natural oils in your skin that you desperately need to protect yourself against the cold weather. With all irritations and skin damage as a result.

Use mild cleansers

You prefer to cleanse the skin in winter with a mild moisturizing facial cleanser . Especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. It is best to use a good cleanser with only natural extracts such as aloe vera and vitamin E.

It purifies your skin and gently removes the dirt so that the pores are not clogged and your skin calms and softens. With this perfect basic facial routine you don't give a dull complexion and pimples a chance and, together with a good facial balm, you ensure smooth skin that can withstand a winter hit.

Don't forget SPF

Even though the sun doesn't have a lot of power in winter and your head won't suddenly turn into a raisin, the UVA radiation present does have an impact on the health of your skin. That is why we recommend that you apply a good sunscreen on top of your facial balm so that your skin can also withstand this!

A quality sunscreen with a high SPF also protects you againstskin aging and skin cancer.


It is very important that you hydrate your body well during the day by drinking plenty of water/herbal teas. Then you hydrate your body from the inside out. That is just as important as a good facial care routine in which you also use a good toner , moisturizing facial cream and a facial mask .

If you have any questions, we would like to hear from you. Then we will help you on your way quickly!

Good luck.

Your friends, The Alpha Men.