What is dry shampoo and why should I use it?

Wat is droogshampoo en waarom moet ik het gebruiken?

We mainly know shampoo as a liquid substance from a bottle. But did you know that there is also a very good variant of that? One that doesn't require you to sing in the shower. Even if you have oily hair!

In the Netherlands, the dry shampoo has now also found its way to the planchettes. Dry shampoo has come over from America. There where no one has time and very handy products are therefore developed so that you can continue quickly. Similarly with dry shampoo with its talc-like powder.

The big advantage of the best dry shampoo ? It saves you a lot of time and you no longer have to take a full bath in the shower to wash your hair. While it still cleans well and gives your hair a lot of volume.

How does dry shampoo work?

Dry shampoo is a product that allows you to postpone a shower session with the traditional shampoo for a while. Good dry shampoo ensures that the oiliness in your hair and on your scalp is absorbed.

So if you wake up and you already have oily hair from home, you can use dry shampoo to make all the excess sebum, fat, dried sweat and residues of your pomade or gel disappear and freshen up your hair. Very special to feel this effect and also suitable for every hair type.

How do you put dry shampoo in your hair?

Inserting a quick-drying dry shampoo is really child's play and much easier than getting started with a liquid shampoo . It is easy to spray in your hair. You first have to shake most good dry shampoo and then your can is ready for use.

You can quickly massage it in and possibly style your hair with a good comb . It then looks fresh and fruity. Thanks to the refined ingredients, you can also shape it perfectly, without having to blow the hair into the desired shape with your Moser hair dryer . You're less than a minute away.

How often do you use dry shampoo?

Maximum 2x per week. In principle, dry shampoo is friendlier and less harsh on your hair than normal shampoos. They sometimes want to wash some extra natural fats and oils from your hair . That is much less the case with a dry shampoo and its many natural ingredients.

Another advantage is that if you use the best dry shampoo, you will automatically wash your hair less with traditional shampoo. Then you automatically lose less fats and natural oils from your hair and scalp.

Bonus: if your hair is a bit thinner, dry shampoo also creates a thicker volume with a nice shine.

Is dry shampoo bad for your hair?

Is a glass of whiskey or a beer bad for you? Only if you use it too much. The same goes for dry shampoo. So don't use it more than 2x a week. That is not necessary if you also wash your hair about 2x a week with classic shampoo and conditioner .

By the way, read our article about common mistakes in hair care to find out how you can best handle your haircut. Dry shampoo is therefore an excellent replacement for the bottles with liquid soap if you don't have time and still want to come up with a fresh (scented) haircut.

In short

Dry shampoo: it cleans, degreases, refreshes, gives a nice scent and provides a shiny glow in your coupe that can be massaged well! Buy dry shampoo ? Check out our fine stock with the best brands!


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