What do you do as a man with gray hair? Hide or just rock?

Wat doe je als man met grijs haar? Verbergen of gewoon rocken?

Grey hair. A source of annoyance or it can give you a first name appearance. You hear in various corridors that gray hairs may be caused by stress. In addition to hair loss , this can also lead to gray hair in some cases.

The most common reason underlying gray hair? Genetic determination. It's actually in your DNA that you get gray hairs at a certain age. For some, this can be done at an early age. But that should absolutely not be wrong. It can come across as convincing. Especially if you also match your outfit to it. The ladies are often charmed by it.

When graying of the haircut happens to you, it can of course be a shock. The signs of aging suddenly become visible. If gray locks at a young age do not make you happy, we can of course help you to fade or dye them in the most elegant way possible.

Is a gray haircut appreciated in men?

Yes. It may sound strange, but shades of gray in general are not only popular in terms of looks, but also fancy and timeless in an interior, for example. You see these color shades coming back more and more with interior designers who give interiors a makeover. So that makes you think. Gray = Hot.

You also see more and more celebrities embracing the graying of their hair. It would also generate more rolls. In short, a well-coiffed head of gray hair can give an extremely sexy and fashionable look.

Does every type of man go gray equally quickly?

There are indeed differences in the rate when men go gray. Strangely enough, this also has to do with geography or origin. For example, various population groups have a different pigment, which means that graying of the hair may or may not occur quickly.

For example, white men go gray the fastest. You can do this from the age of 30, or sometimes even earlier. Men from Asia are blessed with dark / black hair into old age. From the age of 40 they only run the risk of gray tones in the haircut. Gentlemen of African descent must be patient before gray hair sets in. From the age of 45 , the first gray spots can only emerge.

Empower gray hair by dyeing it

Do you think that gray locks positively boost your image and you want to strengthen it permanently, you can further shape this in a responsible manner. There are of course various hair rinses that naturally color your gray hair. For example, you can dye gray hair with American Crew Precision Blend , a fine paint to provide gray hair with a semi-permanent coloring. Free from ammonia & parabens and with 87% natural ingredients!

How can you best keep your gray hair in top shape?

If you are very content with your natural gray locks, you naturally want to take care of them as well as possible. There are various ways to keep the color at the right level. For example, by using a silver shampoo that keeps the yellow glow away. That is a characteristic of gray hair. The use of the right conditioner with refined oils can give the gray hair top nourishment so that it looks healthy, shiny and permanently stylish gray.

Can you also prevent gray hair earlier?

No. Basically, both men and women get gray hair. At the age of sixty, almost everyone has a gray coupe or glow. Exceptions. Now there are remedies to possibly delay the onset of gray hair. This has to do with your way of life, for example. Or rather: do you have a healthy lifestyle.

When you take good care of the body, hair follicles enjoy in full regalia. Hair graying comes from within. It's about losing pigment. Gray hair is often stiffer, thicker, drier and more unruly. So when those gray hairs appear, they will also need a little more care to keep them smooth and shiny.

Here are some tips to fight against premature ageing:

  • Make sure you get the right amount of vitamins. For example, Vitamin H (biotin) and vitamins A, C and E. If you do not take enough of these naturally with food, you can also add vitamin supplements to the diet.
  • Stop smoking
  • Drink enough water. This hydrates the hair from the inside and ensures a correct moisture balance in the hair
  • Eat plenty of fruit, legumes, unroasted nuts such as almonds & consume vegetables every day
  • Be kind to the body

Do hair products also have an effect on graying earlier?

It is true that when you apply harmful ingredients to the hair, earlier hair graying can occur. Especially if you have also regularly included this in your hair care pattern. If you regularly expose your hair to various chemicals, this can have negative consequences for the quality of the haircut and damage the skin.

For example, if you treat your hair too often to paint with chemical ingredients. For example, ammonia and hair are not friends.

How do you get rid of your gray hair?

Suppose you become very sad about gray hairs that present themselves at an early age, fortunately there are options to mask this resolutely. By means of a color rinse or anti-grey supplements, for example. Excellent products have been developed for this with which you can bring the hairstyle back to the color you want. Foligain offers such a functional product.

Of course you can use any hair dye, but of course you want it to approach the natural color. For example, a good hair dye to hide gray hair is the American Crew Precision Blend .

In addition to paint, you can also massage color pomade , gel , mousse or cream into the hair to camouflage the gray hairs in a good way.

As you can see, there are more than enough options to take good care of your gray hair and to make it shine in a robust way. In such a way that you look extremely hip & fashionable. Because believe us, gray hair does not have to be annoying at a younger age.

If you still have questions or comments in connection with optimally cherishing your gray coupe or making it disappear? Then you know where to find us. Of course we will help you with full enthusiasm.

Good luck!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.