Reduce hair loss with Patricks products

Verminder haaruitval met de producten van Patricks

Coves and hair loss, it is a serious problem for many men. Bald looks great on some men. They call it a nice smooth and round bowling ball. With other men you can better speak of a half-empty and dented football. In our previous blog you could read that hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) is a phenomenon that is hereditary.

In fact, 70% of men in the Netherlands are affected by this to some extent. For men, the only solution seems to be a hair transplant or the use of drugs such as Minoxidil and Finasteride. The downside is that these can have side effects and one is only available with a prescription.

Patrick's Hair Loss Remedy

Is there nothing else to do? Certainly! The premium brand Patricks has spent a long time scientifically researching a formula that can provide a solution. With their new formula called the 'Patricks recovery compound' future hair loss can be minimized and the existing head of hair can be strengthened considerably. Patricks incorporates this formula into all of their products.

We style, wash and care for our hair every day. So why shouldn't we use these ingredients? Otherwise we miss the opportunity for stronger, thicker and fuller hair according to Patricks.

Cause of inlets and hair loss

We are happy to explain what these ingredients are and how the Patricks formula works. To understand that, we will have to look at the main cause of hair loss. All men and women have the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in their bodies.

It is a male hormone similar to testosterone but has a much stronger androgenic effect. In men with hair loss and inlets, the hair follicles are sensitive to DHT. The DHT disrupts the functioning of the hair follicles. The shaft of the hair follicles become smaller and eventually hair follicles become completely shriveled so that no more hair can grow.

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Patrick's formula

Patricks formula contains ingredients that counteract the formation of DHT. Something other regular products don't do. It also contains ingredients that promote hair health and hair growth itself. Below we describe the complete formula of Patricks.


Biochanin A is a biomimetic peptide containing red clover extract. This blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT. The hair cycle can be shortened in this way and it prevents the hair follicles from becoming smaller.


This component enlarges the hair follicle and strengthens hair anchorage. It improves the functioning of ECM proteins. This prevents inflammation and makes hair stronger, fuller and denser.

Saw Palmetto

The extract of a dwarf palm berry. Saw palmetto blends can lower DHT levels by 32%. The effect is believed to be similar to finasteride. It also decreases the binding of DHT to androgenetic receptors.


While rosemary oil has no known link to DHT, studies have shown it can have a similar effect to minoxidil over the course of six months. In addition, it is also a rich source of antioxidants that promote hair health.


A known ingredient that prolongs the growth phase of the hair shaft. It also strengthens the hair.

Clary Sage

Boosts blood circulation in the scalp and reduces sebum deposits, preventing an excessively oily scalp. It also contains powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

Panthenyl Triacetate

A powerful combination of panthenyl triacetate and naringenin that acts directly on the causes of scalp irritation. Panthenyl triacetate increases wound healing and improves the skin barrier. It also protects against UV radiation.


Stimulates the skin cells, increasing the metabolic process of the skin on a cellular level. Due to the intensive metabolism, the blood flows to the scalp and the hair follicles receive sufficient nutrition and oxygen from the blood stream, which greatly promotes hair growth.


Used in Africa for anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and skin aging effects. Several articles have reported on the composition and biological activities of its CH2Cl2 extracts and skin formulations. Increases scalp circulation for nutrient distribution.

Patricks' formula is incorporated into all of their products. This way you always provide your hair with these ingredients whether you are going to style, wash or care for your hair. In addition to this formula, Patricks products have much more to offer.

They are completely vegan, free of sulphates, parabens and animal suffering. In addition to all these groundbreaking features, the way Patricks presents the products alone is worth it. The products are beautifully packaged and have a modern and chic look.

Which Patricks products to use against hair loss?

If you want to actively prevent and reduce hair loss, we recommend a combination of products from Patricks. The most important thing is to use Patricks shampoo and conditioner . These will have the most effect on your hair. In addition, you can use a styling product that makes your hair fuller and also contains the formula.

shampoo against hair loss

Patrick's SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo

The best thickening shampoo on the market. 100% vegan, free from parabens, sulfates and animal suffering. Cleanses and strengthens the hair and contains Patrick's formula against hair loss.

Check out Patrick's SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo

remedy for hair loss and coves

Patrick's CD1 Stimulating & Thickening Conditioner

Free from parabens, sulfates, animal suffering and 100% vegan. In addition to the fact that this conditioner contains the formula against hair loss, it is also a refreshing conditioner that makes the hair thicker and softer.

Check out Patrick's CD1 Stimulating & Thickening Conditioner

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Patrick's M3 Matte Finish & Strong Hold

Even the thickest hair stays in place with this styling from Patrick's. A strong hold and water repellent formula for every hair type. The Strong Hold holds every hairstyle in place right up to the highest quiff. The formula does more than that, it contains water-repellent ingredients that keep your hair in place and in shape even during exercise.

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