Top 10 waxes

Top 10 wax
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Top 10 waxes

Hair wax is a popular styling product for men's hair. Wax is also loved by many men, partly because of the strong hold that a wax contains. A wax also suits many different hair types, including short, medium and long hair. A wax is more suitable for men without curls.

Because a wax is a versatile product, you can choose whether you want a wax with a big shine or a wax with a matte finish. A wax is a completely different styling product than, for example, a pomade , clay , paste , gel , etc. and therefore really has its own qualities.

What are the benefits of wax?

  • Suitable styling product for many hair types
  • Your hairstyle can be restyled throughout the day
  • Contains many natural ingredients
  • Healthy for your hair and scalp
  • Versatile in terms of styling, shine, hold and finish

How do you use wax?

It can differ per wax how to apply it, so always read the instructions for use before you start.

  1. Make sure your hair is dry
  2. Grab some wax in your hands
  3. Rub the wax warm in your palms
  4. Apply the wax just above your hairline and work towards the ends
  5. Style your haircut in the desired model

What is the best wax?

But what is the best wax and how do you choose the best wax? That is an answer only you can give. Your own preferences for a product are the most important thing. For example, do you think it is important to use a natural wax or vegan wax? Do you want a high, low or medium hold? Do you like a smooth look or matte? Answer yourself to all these questions and then choose the most suitable wax from our top 10 wax.

To put together the top 10 waxes above, we have put together our all-time bestsellers and our own favorites. In the top 10 wax you will find top brands such as Lockhart's , Hanz de Fuko , By Vilain and Murray's .

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