Top 10 oil base pomade

Top 10 oliebasis pomade
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Top 10 oil base pomade

This is the classic among the pomades! Oil-based pomade is used for the ultimate shine and hold without becoming hard. According to the stories, this pomade used to be made from animal fat, preferably from a pig (they call pork fat lard).

The big advantage of this type of pomade is that it does not dry in your hair and therefore does not become hard. Your hair stays in place for days and is very easy to restyle. Oil-based pomade gives plenty of shine and you easily get that deep wet look that is typical of every classic pompadour. The disadvantage compared to a water-based pomade is that an oil-based pomade is very difficult to wash out of your hair.


What are the benefits of oil based pomade?

  • Flexibility; often restyled
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Because you don't need much, it is cheap to use
  • Retains its hold and shine for a long time
  • Less chemicals than other variants

How do you use an oil based pomade?

That can differ per product. Typically, the following guidelines are followed when applying an oil-based pomade.

  1. Make sure your hair is dry or towel dry
  2. Take a lick of pomade from the jar and apply it to your palm
  3. Rub the pomade warm between your palms to make it more flexible
  4. Apply the pomade evenly on your roots and work towards the ends
  5. Now comb or style your hair in the desired style

How to Choose the Best Oil-Based Pomade?

When selecting an oil-based pomade, you should keep your own preferences in mind. For example, you have to find out whether you want a low, medium or high hold, and whether you are looking for a high, medium or low shine. You can also look for a natural oil-based pomade or an oil-based vegan pomade.

Answer all the questions for yourself and then take a look at our top 10 oil-based pomades above!


What is the best oil based pomade?

Every man has his own preferences, but we do know that there are a few all-time bestsellers. And they are well in line with our own favourites! In our top 10 above, you'll find oil-based pomades from top brands, including Reuzel , Ace High Co. , Lockhart's and Shear Revival


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