Scissor fade with quiff

Styleguide: Scissor fade met quiff

What is a scissor fade with quiff?

What is the scissor fade with quiff haircut? In terms of cut, the quiff haircut is basically the same as the undercut: the hair is longer on top and shorter on the sides/back. In appearance, the crested is closely related to the pompadour. Both hairstyles are voluminous styles that sweep the hair back.

Does a scissor fade with quiff suit you?

Do you have a round face? Then the scissor fade with quiff will definitely look good on you. Rounder faces usually lack structure or prominent angles, so a square-shaped style with height, such as a scissor fade with quiff, is ideal.

However, be careful with this hairstyle if you have a thin and long face. The higher the hair, the more angular and elongated your face will look. Instead, opt for a haircut that is less high. Since most modern quiff hairstyles require shaving on the sides to emphasize the hair on top, they don't always look great on men with larger ears.

Advantages of a scissor fade with quiff

  • Stylish modern hairstyle
  • Perfect for men with a round face
  • Do you like styling? Then this is a hairstyle for you!

Styling tips: the do's & don'ts of a scissor fade with quiff

If you want to ask your hair stylist for a scissor fade with quiff haircut, your hair length should be a bit longer so that your stylist has some extra length to work with. For a modern textured quiff we recommend a high skin fade on the sides which are cut with a clipper.

To help you get started, we have selected matte, high volume styling products below and pre-styling sea salt sprays for more volume and hold and a matte finish. Below you will also see a number of high-quality brushes for blow-drying and immediately styling your scissor fade with quiff.

The best styling products for a scissor fade with quiff

  1. Hanz de Fuko - Gravity Paste
  2. Shear Revival - Northern Lights Matte Paste
  3. Firsthand Supply - Clay Pomade

The best pre-stylers for a scissor fade with quiff

  1. Dapper Dan - Sea Salt Spray
  2. Lard - Surf Tonic
  3. BYRD - Texturizing Surf Spray

The best brushes for a scissor fade with quiff

  1. By Vilain - Skeleton Brush
  2. Denman - D200 Hyflex Vent Brush
  3. Uppercut Deluxe - Quiff Roller