Schorem and Reuzel

Schorem en Reuzel

Two of the most talked about names in the barber world, Schorem Haarsnijder & Barbier and Reuzel Pomade. Since 2011 they conquer the world with their barbershop, haircut, tour and Reuzel products.

History Schorem

In 2011, Leen and Bertus come up with the idea of ​​starting a classic barbershop. A place for men without women, but with good music and a beer, a place where men come together and can be men. Old-fashioned furnishings with a classic barber chair, the coolest products from days gone by and a pig's head on the wall. They succeed and a few months later they open the doors of 'Schorem Haarsnijder & Barbier' at Nieuwe Binnenweg 113 in Rotterdam. A beautiful and special shop, with the unique first-come-first-serve concept.

This move is a success, waiting times of 6 hours and more soon arise. Before the shop opens, the first customers are already at the door, because waiting at Schorem is not a punishment. You drink a beer, have a chat and enjoy live music. This way, a visit to the hairdresser is transformed into a day out.

Lard Pomade

The barbershop is running like clockwork and another dream of Leen and Bertus is ready for implementation; the Reuzel Pomade. A wonderful hint to the former pork fat that people put in their hair, so it should look like this. A greasy product that makes your hair shine in an old worn out can with a pig on it.

It is not possible to brew it yourself and a well-known producer of gels and hair products cannot find a solution and cannot meet Schorem's wishes. But it had to work, because the hype had already been created and many thought that the Reuzel Pomade was already available, but only for well-known customers under the counter because they could only get a few cans per month.

Salvation came in the form of the American David Raccuglia, the founder of American Crew and professional photographer, who came to photograph the barbershop of Leen and Bertus. He dared to develop Reuzel for the boys and some time later Reuzel Inc. born.

The first two products were the Reuzel Red and the Reuzel Green Pomade. Both in the nostalgic tin with the pig on it. Reuzel is a hit and in no time the Reuzel Pomade is available all over the world and with the Reuzel Pomade you get a piece of Schorem at home.

Reuzel now has a range of dozens of products with Reuzel Blue Strong Hold as the most popular product, Schorem has moved to larger premises and Bertus and Leen travel the world to give shows. Started with an idea from Schorem from Rotterdam.

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