Reuzel Blue Strong Hold Pomade vs Corleone Sticky Stuff High Shine Pomade

Reuzel Blue Strong Hold Pomade vs Corleone Sticky Stuff High Shine Pomade

For almost every battle we place a very well-known and popular product against a product that is slightly less well-known. This often produces interesting results. We wanted to have two products compete for this battle, both of which come from the Netherlands. Many people immediately think of Reuzel. One of the largest pomade brands. We all know the story of Schorem from Rotterdam with their success. We have already dealt with them many times. Read the story here if you don't know the story behind Reuzel yet. Their most popular product is of course the Reuzel Blue, which every 'pomade user' knows. Now let's find a very suitable candidate that fits perfectly in this battle, the Corleone Sticky Stuff!

Corleone pomade

Corleone is also a Dutch brand and was founded by the man behind New York Barbershop, Robert Lagerman. Lagerman comes from a family with a long hairdressing tradition. As early as 1884, his great-grandfather started a men's hairdressing salon in the center of Rotterdam. More than a hundred years later, in 1990, Lagerman came up with a whole new concept based on the old-fashioned barbershop, not knowing that he would set a trend with it.

New York Barbershop

He opened a business on the Oude Binnenweg where the craftsmanship and attention of the classic barber were combined with a pleasant, café-like atmosphere. A place where men feel comfortable, take the time to chat and drink an excellent espresso or a beer. The barbershop is now legendary. When Graziano Pellè played at Feyenoord from 2012 to 2014 and had his hair cut by owner Robert Lagerman, all the boys wanted the same haircut as the Italian striker. In addition, they had their own hair products developed, including the pomade.

Reuzel Blue Strong Hold Pomade vs Corleone 'Sticky Stuff' High Shine Pomade

The Reuzel Blue Strong Hold is very popular, but one of the few water-based pomades that gives a high shine. The Corleone also gives this, which makes the battle extra interesting. We tested them both to give our verdict.

Lard Pomade


What is immediately striking is how short the list of ingredients of the Corleone Sticky Stuff is. If we look at those of Reuzel, there are a lot more. They are mainly substances that serve as preservatives, colorants and fragrances and substances that influence the substance. In terms of function for the hair, both products are equal as far as we are concerned. Nothing unusual. Therefore, we leave the position at 0. Score: 0 – 0 tied


Always nice to have a nice scent in your pomade. You are in the right place for that with both pomades. We think the scent of the blue Reuzel is the best of all Reuzel products. Reuzel calls the scent Vanilla wood. That's about right. A sweet and woody scent. Nice and subtle too. The Corleone pomade has a fresh masculine scent that is reminiscent of a typical male cologne. Very tasty! Both scents will appeal to many men. Our preference is slightly more for the Corleone. Just a little fresher and more masculine. Score 1 – 0 for Corleone

Structure and apply in the hair

The first major differences become apparent here. You can effortlessly remove the Reuzel Blue strong hold from the packaging with your finger and the substance is nice and smooth. You distribute it very easily through the hair. The Corleone is different. It's not called sticky stuff for nothing. The substance is a bit thicker and when you distribute it through your hair you feel that it is a bit more sticky, but without being annoying. You can still effortlessly remove it from the jar and distribute it through the hair is still very easy. Because the Lard goes just a little easier, it gets the point. Score: 1 – 1 tie

lard blue strong hold pomade


Where the Reuzel goes easier during application in the hair, it is now the Sticky Stuff that does much better when styling your hair. The advantage of the thicker and slightly more sticky substance is that your hair does exactly what you want. The Corleone Sticky Stuff gives a lot of control. No other pomade has done that so well so far. We are pleasantly surprised. The Reuzel Blue does this a lot less well. You apply it easily, but you have to put in a lot of effort to get your hair into the desired model. This point clearly goes to the Corleone Sticky Stuff. Score: 2 – 1 for Corleone


Both products give a high hold to the hair. Again, we notice a big difference here. The blue Reuzel stiffens up a lot more in the hair, as if you were using a gel . We don't like that very much ourselves. Your hair, on the other hand, will stay in place. So really a high hold! The Corleone does not get stiff but has just as good a hold. Your hair stays in place and can even be remodeled to some extent because it does not stiffen. So this point goes to Sticky Stuff. Score: 3 – 1 for Corleone.

buy best pomade


Both Reuzel and Corleone call the product a high shine pomade. As far as we're concerned, it's a bit between medium and high shine. Both give a really good shine, but not a real high shine. The Corleone gives just a little more shine than the Reuzel. We also think the finish looks better with the Sticky Stuff. We give this point to Corleone Sticky Stuff. Score: 4 – 1 for Corleone.

wash out

Washing out is really effortless with both pomades. Of course, they are both water-based products and both are absolutely non-greasy. Not really noticed a clear difference during the wash out. That's why we give both pomades a point. Score : 5 – 2 for Corleone.


For the Corleone Sticky Stuff you now pay €19.95 for 100 grams. The Reuzel is currently discounted to €12.45 for 113 grams. Normally you pay € 17.95 for this. The Reuzel is therefore cheaper. So this point clearly goes to Reuzel. Score: 5 – 3 for Corleone.

And the winner is…..

The Corleone Sticky Stuff High Shine Pomade really is the clear winner for us. That makes the Reuzel Blue Strong Hold absolutely not a bad product. This one is still one of the top water based pomades . But as far as we're concerned, the Corleone Sticky Stuff does everything you'd expect from a water-based pomade. Especially the amount of control it gives over your hair really surprised us.

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