Solutions for dry hair in men

Oplossingen voor droog haar bij mannen

That very dry hair of ours. Throughout the year. In the summer ravaged by sun, various types of bathing water and that burning sun. Chlorine and broom salt water. Components that convert men's hair into bone-dry tumbleweeds.

Result: all moisture and necessary fats are extracted from the hair and skin. And in the winter then. Same sheet a pack. Even then, coarse and dry hair in men is a spoiler of the first order. Also for the ladies, by the way. But they have such a DNA that they are busy with their haircut almost 24/7. That is often slightly different with us.

It has to be fast. And easy. We men have other hobbies. Well, doing nothing at all is not an option either. The 4 seasons simply have a huge influence on our hair.

Autumn and winter cause very fluctuating temperatures. Especially when you go from the inside out. And vice versa. Warm-Cold-Warm-Cold. Sparkling hair stress follows. Especially when you go out with various headgear. All these influences result in a brittle and dead haircut.

On top of that, cheap shampoos, too often and too hot washing & blow-drying complete the hair drama. But you don't have to torture your hair like that. That can be done differently. And we will briefly explain that to you.

Step 1 to manage dry & coarse hair in men

Frizzy hair in men. Wet your chest this fall and winter. But with agood hair care routine, you can save your static and shriveled dry hair. To subtly manage the crackling haircut, a visit to the hairdresser is a must. First, let the barber remove all dead spots, style them and breathe new life into them.

The summer has left its mark, so it must first be pruned and modeled properly so that only healthy hair remains. You will then structurally pamper them from that moment on. The perfect basis to prevent dry fluffy hair in men.

What are the other causes that dry hair is common in men?

Easy. You don't take care of your haircut properly or with the wrong products. Frizzy and coarse hair in men is caused by a number of actions:

  1. You're using the wrong non-moisturizing shampoo
  2. You wash your hair too often (with the wrong shampoo)
  3. You don't use or use the wrong hair conditioner
  4. You wash your hair with water that is too hot
  5. You dry your hair with a towel that is too hard
  6. You blow-dry too often and way too hot

Chemical often cheap shampoos have a counterproductive effect on the care of your hair. It will only damage and dry out your hair. Especially if you use them too often. The same applies to a hair conditioner with parabens, silicones, SLS / SLES and perfume on board. Just don't use it.

Washing your hair with water that is too hot damages the hair and scalp. Washing with lukewarm water is the motto. Rubbing your hair firmly dry with a hard towel is also disastrous. This makes the hair porous. The result: dry and lifeless hair.

Does diet and lifestyle also affect dry hair?

In addition to the different seasons and the use of chemical 'hair care', lifestyle also certainly influences dry frizzy hair in men. An intake of sufficient proteins and sufficient iron are very important to nourish your hair (follicles) from the inside. Drink a lot of water. At least 1.5 liters a day!

It also optimally hydrates the hair and thus prevents dehydration. Another killer and cause of dry hair in men is smoking. This impedes your blood circulation, which means that less blood flows to the hair follicles. They become exhausted and that results in wispy dry lifeless hair.

And yes, we love a beer and wine, but too much alcohol also causes a bad hair day. Alcohol lowers zinc levels. And let zinc be just the important mineral that ensures hair growth and overall hair health.

The best start to vitalize and shine your hair

How to get soft, healthy and shiny hair men. We're going to focus on that. Even at this time of the year you can keep the hairstyle as vital as possible. In addition to external factors such as weather influences and air pollution, you also have a lot of influence on the state of your hair.

The start of banishing dry hair is by taking good care of it with the best shampoos that nourish and moisturize the hair. A good shampoo is a must.

What are the best products men can use with dry hair?

Shiny hair men. That's what we want to achieve. In addition to excellent shampoos, the best hair conditioners are also extremely important to nourish your hair. Don't skimp on a functional conditioner. This provides your hair with the right oils, antioxidants and fats. So all ingredients against dry fluffy hair!

Another excellent way to prevent stiff and dry hair in men is to use a good hair mask. A good brand, for example, is the American Malin & Goetz , who have produced a well-functioning Detox Scalp Hair Mask that gives your hair and skin an unprecedented boost.

The Sunny Isle brand has also composed an excellent and intensive mask for the hair and skin, so that they are optimally hydrated and nourished. Result: The penetrating mask ensures that the hair becomes shiny, softer, healthier and strong.

In addition to these hair masks, we also recommend using hair serums . With these serums you have elixirs at home with which you spoil the hair down to the fiber so that your haircut feels soft, shiny and therefore very comfortable.

With these tips & tricks we hope to help you on your way to prevent dry hair in men. Let it heal first with the above routines and products. You will be really amazed that your scalp hair feels soft and more vital. It looks resilient again.

If you have any questions, we would of course like to hear from you.

Good luck with your new regimen!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.